Calls & Texts tactic: how to revive instagram leads


Space Monkey
space monkey
Oct 25, 2021
This is for guys who add girls on instagram, and yes, I know most of you don’t.

In Argentina when I approach a girl I never ask for her phone number, I just ask for her instagram and then follow her, or I just tell her my @. Of course, giving your instagram is lower odds. If you don’t wait for her to follow you in person, maybe she forgets about it or never finds you. My instagram is easy to remember, so sometimes I abuse this to screen more efficiently.

My instagram is high value so it’s 100 times better than giving my number, plus they see I’m not a serial killer. But if you have bad pictures or don’t have a good lifestyle to show on instagram (under-average) I guess it’s ok if you don’t share it. I know guys without instagram in my country, and everyone thinks they’re crazy haha, but yeah they still pull etc.

The tactic

About the tactic, this is something I’ve been doing with a couple of girls with great success. Of course this is not an opener, it’s for girls you already have some compliance with. For example you already know each other in person and had good chemistry, or you had a good conversation on instagram, with investment from both parts.

But, for some reason, maybe logistics, maybe not so much interest, call it what you want, you have never been able to set up a meeting.

So now here’s what you do. You can do this if she answers a story of yours, but if you don’t wanna wait, you answer her story, for example you can start with “you reminded me of something”, or if you like being direct you can reply to her story saying something with a hearted-eyes emoji, or just answer anything. You can even start a conversation without replying to any stories and then you say:

gaturro: hey it’s been a while since I followed you and it hurts me to look at your stories and never go out with you
gaturro: what should i do, silence your stories or do you wanna go out for a drink?

Of course you can replace “go out for a drink” for whatever you like, but you get the idea. Sometimes I say “or shall we do something about it?”.

If you tried to meet her more than once, but you didn’t, and you believe it was because of logistics, you can even text

gaturro: what should i do, block you, silence your stories or shall we do something?

But you can avoid saying “block you” if it doesn’t seem calibrated for you.

Now, this is a direct translation from Spanish, here in English it doesn’t sound so well to be honest and it might not fit your style. If anyone can come up with a better wording to this, please help me translate it/adapt it.

But this is pretty much it, it’s direct yes, but I use it as a last resource and it’s been working great. Maybe because I started field testing it in summer and girls have more free time now? I’ll let you know in winter.

Anyway, here’s an idea to revive old leads (even months old), it’s better if you kept sending each other a few texts or replying to a few stories but for some reason you never met again.

It’s worth a try, you have nothing to lose and it’s worked very well for me :)
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