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Space Monkey
space monkey
May 28, 2021
They don't require finding stationary girls, though it's great to approach these types if you can.

The fundamental SMMA concepts apply to every girl, every time. Whether she's stationary in daygame, moving in daygame, in the food court with three friends at the mall, or on her way home with a mixed 4-set after a night out.

Think of things not just as an opener or rainbow ruse but the power behind it, and how these things help fulfill the 3 keys of social frame, emotional stimulation, and sexual arousal. See how Bacchus applied a traditional Gunwitch opener to street daygame. If it's a two-set, you can simply intrigue bait the other girl into guessing who she looks like. There's your hook, and you proceed from there.
Thanks @Lofty. Man, you always know just what to say to get me out of a rut haha. That article you linked to Bacchus talking about doing a moving approach by walking in front of a girl and then turning around is exactly what I needed. That thread actually led me to this article which was also eye-opening. I'll give some of this stuff a try first thing tomorrow!

I also need to spend a bit of time perfecting my sexy walk and continuing to work on my voice.

I see that I have some more reading to do and I need to start understanding the techniques behind these openers/gambits instead of simply trying to memorize them. So I think the plan moving forward for the next few days is to get rid of using direct openers and focus on intrigue baits or curiosity openers. Then, I'll slowly add on more stuff like rainbow ruses and try to come up with my own material so that I'm really understanding the techniques behind them. Now the stuff from the "Learning it and Extras" portion of the SMMA courses is also starting to click.

Will report back with more details!