Texting Game | Thinking of The "Perfect Lines"?


Space Monkey
space monkey
Oct 9, 2019
Hey guys, sorry to post another question once more.

As of now I'm trying to improve my text game since I'm using apps (and once you get numbers you need to text anyway) and I have this weird problem..... I ALWAYS get analysis paralysis because there's too many possible responses/paths/permutations I can take when choosing to reply a girl's text. I need some kind of framework to be able to operate without confusion, so I was wondering if anybody has this problem as well?

As an example:

Her & Me - *some basic back n forth about music/guitar etc, she seems fairly engaged with emojis and at least she bothers to reply with questions lol unlike many other girls. so I decided it was time to ask her out (can't text too long, am I right?)*

Me - I might even consider playing it for you someday ;)
What's your schedule this week looking like? Let's grab some food or a drink.

Her - Aww *emoji* make sure u bring ur guitar out haha!
This week is packed, am going to Bangkok tomorrow, probably when I come back?

**okay not too bad, at least she suggests an alternative**

At this point, several options come to mind... I could be like "sure, just for you" along those lines, "so troublesome, but if its for you then its worth it"
or even like "sure, if you give me a good enough reason, i'll even throw in singing for you as a package" etc etc

You get my point. There's multiple paths/permutations to take - how do I know what is the optimal message?

In the end, I said (because I didn't want to take too long to reply)
Me - Sure, if you give me a good enough reason, I'll even throw in singing as a package *emoji*
Sounds good, have a great vacation and I'll see you next week. Did you take many days leave?

**at this point I think it wasn't all that great. obviously I am new to this and I don't even know my fundamentals well enough to know what is correct/wrong. I'm guessing I didn't comply THAT easily, and I kinda flirted a little, but I think it was wrong to be vague about the meet up and starting a new topic randomly.**

So ultimately my questions are: (1) what would YOU respond? I'm truly curious to see how other veterans do this the right way - I want to analyse the correct patterns / concepts in action.
(2) how do I overcome this "perfectionist" mentality? e.g. each response must be optimized, making her laugh or flirting in some way etc.
(3) currently I have a simple framework, please correct me on this.

based on the GC articles I've read on and off in the past week, in any given situation, a text should (a) indicate your clear interest in her (b) be building rapport between you and her. Therefore, any text in any given time should have the goal of:
(1) making her laugh - because girls love this, makes them feel comfortable and also builds rapport (b)
(2) flirting with her - expresses interest which is essential to move forward and satisfies condition (a) and also builds emotional connection, thus satisfying condition (b)
(3) screening/qualifying her - this is for when you cannot think of a line that makes her laugh / is flirty, then you just ask her questions as you normally would, which still contributes to condition (b) of building rapport and building emotional connection.

I hope this framework makes sense and will help anyone out there! More importantly, please give me your input (especially on the framework and thinking) and I am sorry this post is so long - I just have to nail my concepts precisely or else I will not be able to rest until I understand everything clearly.




Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jun 24, 2019
The overall mentality you have to have when texting girls is the following:

1. How would a high value/status guy respond/text
2. You are the buyer
3. Don't be overly gamey
4. Be a bit polarizing/unique

If you can adopt those 4 things you're 90% of the way to becoming a good texter.

Now to answer your questions:

1. I would have ask when she's back and then said something like, "Cool, let's shoot for a day when you're back and you can tell me about Bangcock." Then you just hit her up again when she's back, with some light/fun texting in between while she's away.
^^ note I would intentionally spell Bangkok this way.

2. I think I answered this at the start.
3. Not sure how to respond to this question.

Honestly your interaction with this girl sounds fine so far. My only suggestion would be to tone down the gameyness a bit and be a bit more real/intriguing to her.


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Sep 1, 2019
The best thing I have ever seen on texting is former RSD Todd's text game product. If you can get your fingers on it, that's what I would recommend. This is the theory I'm following with great success.

In short, his theory is as follows:

When you #-close her a good thing is to get your number in her phone as well as you getting her number. - she will easier know it's you

Other good points:
Make sure to have a good interaction with her prior to getting her number, qualify her, seed the idea of a date in her mind, and stay a few minutes after you have got her number.

First text:
Casual, non-tryhard, assumes good things
Text her while you're still fresh in her mind

There are four types of text you can receive:

- Silence
If you face silence you should ping value into the void. Send messages that offer value but don't need an answer.
- Shit test
Just pass it, nothing more - misinterpretation is really good at passing shit tests over text
- Logical/Question
Briefly address and flirt/hint at plans
- Positive
Soft close, but use multiple texts when closing instead of one text. Like a sequence.
1. Hey are you adventurous?
2. How do you feel about drinks and witty banter with a cute boy?
3. What's your schedule like?

Just remember to have one goal in mind. To meet her. The faster you can meet up with her, the better.


Oct 17, 2019
My Google search skills are failing me. How do I find the RDS Todd text thing? I can't find any traces of it.


Oct 17, 2019
I watched a whole bunch of his videos. They are really good. I'm learnin'