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Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 2, 2021
Was out today. Told myself after I skipped a set to turn around and stop accepting the bitch in me. Then I did another. Here's a glimpse rather than the full transcripts.

Quick Grade Of Daygame Sets Today.

Grade: D. Lack of sexual vibe, wooden expression, obvious rookie mistakes, hesitation,

1st set

1. Good - Projection good, Persistence after she didn’t acknowledge the first opener, relevant close to something she liked, eye contact.

2. Mid- projection, timing sometimes, proximity, situational opener into opinion, rapport.

3. Bad - kino, sexual vibe, social friend frame, timing sometimes, speaking pace (got better but was wild for a bit.)

4. Contact - She wrote only her first name. My followup was a callback to the interaction "Hi HB, it’s that hat guy Mist" no emoji. I left soon after grabbing her number which isn't great but can work out :/

5. Interesting - She did stick around whole time and give her number was at a highpoint though (Usual behavior even from taken chicks. Highpoint is great for compliance), her hesitation at the close, seeming at the fence but open to coffee as friends (polite rejection or resistance? probably polite rejection. sweet girl), my response to her friend frame (needs work. Probably should lean into comfort gambit show more understanding and get buy in), her general demeanor and eye contact (maybe intimidation or disinterest. She identified as both extroverted and introverted. Cold approach is weird though...not sure)

Overall - Not a good set. Didn't feel horrible though. Was pretty chill actually. Is that a good thing? Maybe not tension can be fire, but fire burns sometimes...relevant close was nice though. Uriel helped with that. Big attraction boost and spike when I opened her again after the first opener was ignored. She seemed dumfounded, intrigued, a little spark. Probably why she stuck in set. Idk despite the rust I feel attractive, like women like me sometimes, and that I'm a bit entitled tbh. So despite her not catching or ignoring the first opener I felt completely confident in doing it again and even pointing the opener at her specifically.

2nd set

1. Good - Situational opener, callback humor, social frame, social touch, proximity, eye contact, timing sometimes, topics were managed well, rapport.

2. Mid - sexual vibe, tone, speaking pace, answering her basic social questions ( more intrigue, passion, gambits should be stuck in maybe.)

3. Bad - Missing an instant date window “I have nothing to do today.”, hesitating at the date window, overextension on the touch imo (needs less effort. She was fine with it but I noticed it. Not good for escalation.)

4. Contact - She gave it at the highpoint. Full name in phone. I stuck around after the close which definitely helped the set.

5. Interesting - Assumed rapport, moving in harmony and stopping together almost as if we were together, full name in phone, opening up despite her closed off appearance at the start, giving her room for "chump game" as Gunwitch advises. My follow up "Hi it’s Mist. ;) y’know, you’re really smart to have dropped social media for your mental health even if for a little while nice to have met you" callback to topic we spoke about, but not so good due to forgetting to add her name in the text. Tsk tsk.

Overall - Enjoyable set. She seemed into it and I think the intrigue with the number helps me a bit which is another thing Uriel helped me with.

Big Picture

- Surprised I got comfortable in set after no warmup and rust.

- These are only two chicks

- Sexual vibe is lacking bruh

- Don't skip instant dates if you have the time. I'm capable of high points.

- Nice persistence. Despite potential early blow out. (Chick looked like a dear in headlights haha)

- Fix your pacing.

- Breathe in deeper

- Less hesitation on the open.

- Got cold feet and didn't approach one chick. Giving you 2/3 girls met while out. Not good, but hey still a majority of the chicks that caught my eye I approached. Pity high five for that.

- Good turning around after you were about to bitch out. Now you'll know with certainty how 2/3 women you met today will turn out...atleast with your current game.


1. Lofty taught me this, but if you're going for a contact close ask the girl "Are you more of a social media chick or number chick." Gives you intel on her personality, potential misdirecting thread while she puts her info in your phone, preventing you from grabbing a dead contact simply because she doesn't use that medium. Good shit and I'm going to use it forever.

Thank you for your time guys. And good luck out there

(Oh and shoutout madala. Made me speed up sending my icebreakers. Good shit.)

- Mist
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Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Mar 9, 2020
Not sure who taught me this, but if you're going for a contact close ask the girl "Are you more of a social media chick or number chick." Gives you intel on her personality, potential misdirecting thread while she puts her info in your phone, preventing you from grabbing a dead contact simply because she doesn't use that medium. Good shit and I'm going to use it forever. If I find the OP I'll link it here.
Interesting, interesting, I can see this being powerful if you know how to ask... For sure you get a "hotter" contact though


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 2, 2021
30 day game challenge

Day. 1 Some inconsequential daygame momentum buildups

Day. 2 Focused on rebuilding my vibe

Day. 3 Getting my social vibe in check

Day. 4 I need more time…There isn’t any but I can get ahead so I spent a lot of time getting better. Made a social approach.

Day. 5 Put my head WAY WAY down. Got hard at work but was working my social circle specifically with vibe.

Day. 6 Still running campus game, but at a small scale. Mostly trying to earn my time back. Counting the days. I make a longform approach of this chick I socially approach earlier.

Day. 7. Got my time back. This was going to be game day but it became more of a logistics day… Clean house and car, me grab a tile for my car. Got some lackluster action going but still had tons to do and all the hoes were in social contexts…not interested in that…anyway broke my “not going to grab contact info” only instant dates or longform…blew up in my face and I’m moody.

God Mode Mist has made 11 approaches since the start of this challenge.

1 instant date.

3 leads.

0 lays

0 head

0 play

The game continues. I’m the best.

(Also you might be wondering how I am ahead when there have only been 6 days in October…Here’s why)

Praise me and shoutout to @fog still beating @madala


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
South Florida
God fucking dammit just got a message from HBWoMan after not messaging her all of today.

HBWoMan: Hey, So what happened last night?

Bro I swear this shit is annoying af sometimes.

I sort of have an idea why she's messaging me, but I also don't as things ended cordially. It's 12:30 AM here so I don't have to answer her until tomorrow...fuck it. I'll do it now.

Update with pt. 2 later.

Like broooooooo...

Smh I might just get the booster vaccine shot and turn gay.

You had a date at wallmart, wow impressive that beats my laundry matt date...


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 2, 2021
Social Frame Is Bending Me Over FU/Shake The Rust FR

A very rough idea of a few of my compiled notes and sets. Some are unfinished and others are selectively retardedly detailed.

Some of it is literal notes from infield and others are reflections of moments infields and plans I had for next infields.

Not EVERY game thing or infield is included, but the ones I felt were of note or represented a common wall for that point in time are.

Enjoy the unedited musings of an aspiring dude

1/18/23 FR

Location: Department Stores/DayGame Cold Approach Dynamics

debated approaching subpar chicks also pondered why the hot chicks leave the store as soon as I enter haha

  1. Chickened out in the candle section
Saw a chick. Cycled through some situational openers but didn’t say anything. Imagined really hard I did though then she was gone.
  1. Speaker oriented opener toooo indirect.
Setting off to redeam myself I see a woman not of any note but her hair looks nice and anything will do. I approach the mirror in the aisle she is in.

This catches her eye…I notice because I’m not so subtly watching her. SHe passes by me as I make a speaker centered opener and makes the last bit of eye contact as she disappears into the store.

All too fast and indirect to get her to stop for a moment.

  1. oh hi, "do you know who you look like" rather interesting but noncompliant and dry set. She was surprised when I said peace and lingered for a second. Will write more later.

Gonna use the hover “oh hi” then I did. Making it so it seemed she noticed me first then I transitioned into the”do you onow who you look exactly like.

She was rather dry and had this on the fence demeanor. Was peculiar as she was there way past it making sense to look at something but she was not hooked. I’ll say she was trial hooked and lightly intrigued but ultimately uncompliant and suspiciously eyeing me.

I said peace and stood in defeat as she gave me her last quizzicle and hesitant glance before departing.

  1. HBlatina ran to the restroom...not sure if it was me probably not.

Previously approached decent but got interrupted.
  1. black hired gun crumpled under eye contact

she blushed when we made eye contact could be her personality. Got into the minor roleplay. Could be just her job.

Feb 9
1# HBJeansssss

On the phone

mutter stumble squeal through “Hey when you have a moment I noticed something about you. I’ll just be here you’re good.”

she did not come back

2# HBweirdname

Talk about romance books. My energy level was higher than hers and I never got her locked in

3# HBDatass

She’s jewish and that ass told me that

Opened well but saw her snuggled up with a dude on her phone and started trying to leave. She asked my name then soon autorejected.

Maybe he was some sort of slow dude and she was the helper

4# HBDatassMilfedition

She never locked in, but I hovered and played with my phone nearby.

Was walking then bumped into her and went I’m sorry and she said the same

then I playfully said nah it’s your fault. She lit up a bit, but wasn’t locked in.

I continued the vibe. She kept it moving then did a slight double take on me in a little pause then she decided it was time to go

“I’m gonna keep shopping.”

5# HBEnglishisanogo

We both were perusing the jewwlery. She stops on her phone in front of the case.

I open

she says she doesn’t speak much english and then we aren’t really getting much of anywhere.

Big error today was the open-hook stage plus not being dogged in making every approach


L6 thiccblackchick

L7 trenchcoatbabe

L8 ten with mom

L9 7 with mom

L10 fashionable with sister and mm

would’ve been 10 sets with them included

tomorrow I will use intrigue bait, rainbow ruses, and not waste that SPLIT SECOND WHEN YOU CAN GET THEM LOCKED.

accidental caps lock. Avoid shop clerks, no social shit unless needed for the set. any chick anywhere. If you only have that moment then take it.

Feb 17

set 1 hbballerina jumped to immersion too quick without her full attention

waliking I notice her in the scent aisle. I call my mom earlier to raise state and social frame. circle around start ending my call but I'm getting cold feet.

She is non-reactive to me being in the aisle. I don't open.

kick myself mentally then mark her as a "must approach" (I do this to force it even if not smooth when I have AA)

boom second shot in another aisle

I begin walking

step "absentmindedly" in the way

Mist: ope

HBBallerina: oh sorry

Mist: *smirk* you're good

we both walk in the aisle

Mist:... it's a candle sorta day y'know

HBBallerina: *chuckle*

Mist: Just seems like this is the vibe you feel me

HBBallerina: *smile*

Mist:... you know I just realized something about you

HBBallerina: O_O what

Mist: idk you have a real performative artsy sorta air to you

HBBallerina: *face loosens a bit*

Mist: amirite

HBBallerina: yes I actually dance and have a team.

Mist: ah I had a feeling I usually have an eye for that sorta swagger

...y'know there's something about people that have been on stages that just porjects a lil more confidence than people who haven't

HBballerina:… Tab

The next couple minutes or me either really trying for a hug with one older woman in the audience and no hook to mention it I tried to use a gun travel frame but she only gave a one-word response and even though she was still hovering and lingering in the same spot it kind of rattled me a little bit I was like whoa what the hell are you just like this shit and she's not reacting so I kind of just was like is there anything I can do and I didn't have anything I can figure out so by the time it even was gonna like matter she's like well it was nice to meet you and I'm like take care

set 2 hbcrossfit fsc, negative compliance, cementing

OK so I see her coming towards me we're like in like to makeup something like that and I'm just like huh I need to approach

i'm like dragging my feet still I want a AA but I kind of snapped out of it Because she was kind of pointlessly standing in the way that I like was like yeah she's hovering

Feb 18

set 1 hbcake

panda express, traveling old friends vs new, mexico, sex

set 2 hbblackthong

L1 hbpayama

Feb 20
  1. HBextended sc chick
basketball chick I knew in highschool, travel elicitation, sexualization with tutor, continue the conversation close

2 3 4 5 6. 5-set group set HBgreen tits and hams

party energy verge, travel hook gunwitch, general vibing, cold reads, sexual frame lesbian innuendo, eyes eyes eyes, penguins
  1. HBASDboyfriend
what type of old woman would you want to be, travel hook gun, what's good about that, are you the trouble maker, you would understand that right I wouldn't cheat.

vs other I have a boyfriends.


food cats kids, traveling, home country, where I'd go, taking time to relax and release, her ex boyfriend, family care, dry vs moisture, how good I am to her, secret between us, uh oh I’m good at using boyfriend destroyers…my boyfriend is jealous. (sounds like he would be lost without you in his life, some people are aware that if they lose their partner they won’t get better.

“That’s because he thinks he owns you, and that he could never find another girl like you. You’re lucky to have a guy that loves you like that. He’ll probably never leave you, no matter what.”

Or, “He must really miss you when you’re not around. He sounds really nice.

In that statement you’ve just painted him as a desperate loser who got lucky.

“I’m never in long relationships. They just seem to come and go, over and over. I wish I could settle down with one girl, but I’m just such a wanderer.”

To destroy the boyfriend show that:

a desperate loser/provider with no other dating options.
  • You’re a discreet, independent lover, with many dating options.
  • He cares so much for her, that’s why he’s so jealous, needy and judgemental.
  • You are a free soul, and you never judge people for their actions.

If she agrees with your statements, move forward:

Feb 21


She had ass and I was in the mall.dragging my feet then approached her when she was seated. We entered a fun, interesting, and positive discussion and eventually touched more and more on imaginative and sensual themes and topics

she comments on her lack of new friends and insular life at some point. I do not manage this trait and frame in hindsight but rely on our good vibes

she does some cute shit and we vibe gets a call that she has to go I exit briefly and then return

Grab her number and

she instantly ghosted until recently then she frame grabbed in you guessed it

social frame

poof she danny phantom

not a fake number like I thought at first though so that's something

Feb 27


Mcdonalds, music/singer/qualification and discussion, paper open Wassup hiiii ❤️ hey? go away, neediness, relate on the niece, new york, another ghost,

March 8

I feel I stopped cold approaching 17 days ago Feb 20th

but my notes say I approached on the 27th which is 8 days ago and that is accurate

Stopped all pornographic media for 15 days which resulted in a very balsy approach

Maybe you read some of the things above or maybe you didn't. I'd like to thank all contributors to this journal through the years. It has been amazing and recently more and more has clicked.

Truly one of the best experience.

With that said I've been thinking that this journal is basically dead so this will be my last post

i'd recommend you unwatch this journal

peace appreciate the contributions