The best exercises of intimate postures and pleasure.


May 3, 2021
When a couple is united in motivation, emotions and pleasures, everything from now on must be beautiful and with a wide tendency to the wonderful and intense that lasts in time. For this purpose, both members of a couple must know each other in several areas, such as knowing that they can synchronise their desires with the use of certain tools involving caresses and stimulating foreplay; the latter are fearlessly learnt as part of your stimulating and comforting tools. Next, keep in mind that sensual exercises are part of a set of skills that in women are adjuvant to their deepest orgasms, therefore, with the freedom of your senses, the smell, the skin, the intense kisses and caresses, will be the doors that with woman on top, will become the key to the unique and intense pleasure that lasts over time and ignites the bonfire of pleasure, remember that the positions are part of an exercise between the couple and therefore, is dedication and harmony when it comes to enjoy to the fullest.