The Drive/Edge, and the Potential


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 21, 2012
Before I read Chase's article on girlschase, I noticed something about myself a burning fire. It was a fire that made me what to excel and go somewhere in life. It gave me courage to stand up to people, fight for change, control my life, and live adventurously! I called this part of me "The Drive", Chase refers to it as your "Edge". Its just a different name of the same thing.

Don't ask me where I got this or how I became like this because when asking my father about this, I was either born like this or he raised me like this. It's not something I can really teach you, easily. I look at the "Edge" as part of my actual personality, The Drive is my motivation and passion fully engaged during activities. Everyone is different values and beliefs. What I can offer you is the "The Potential".

The Potential:
I don't have principles or crazy hard to learn techniques to give you. The potential i speak is a particular desire to learn intensely, passionately, and willingly about something new. You go out learning and failing about the thing you want. There are some people who learn very slow or some very quickly. The slower you learn, the slower progress. The faster you learn, the faster results you get but the faster you forget. You must learn, practice, and implement. Give all that you had and don't hold back. That in a nutshell describes the groundwork for the edge.

Changing gears to now apply this, immerse yourself with women. When I did this I went to the gym, mall, and modeling classes. Seeing beautiful women constantly forces you to adapt to the situation and become more comfortable around them. The best part is when you're doing something new with new people, you can be quiet and observe. Focus on what you're learning, this way women will find you intriguing and interesting. Because even though you're there for them, you're not acting like it. You're not making it seem like they're the big deal, rather you become the big deal. That in a nut shell is an example of "Edge". You don't take things as a big deal except your objective and things you feel are worth your time.

In the end focus on your purpose and where you want to go, but be dedicated and you will achieve your goals with women.

Just Dave