The Five Types of Adults I've Met in My Twenties


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Sep 20, 2015
1. The Sad Deadbeat: Seems to be going nowhere, fast. Usually addicted to multiple substances

2. The Solo Traveler: Seems to have many good friends, but never gets attached to any place or person for too long. Always seen posting self-motivational quotes or pictures of great adventure and travel. Generally gives off the appearance of a happy, balanced life, and probably is

3. The Healer: Usually a kind of "community leader", these individuals have survived great trauma, and spend their lives healing and trying to heal others. In doing so, they generally develop a large following of dedicated, often broken or now-healing individuals, some of whom may become Healers themselves

4. The Family Type: They have their job and their spouse. May have kids or not, may have a white picket fence house, or may travel around with their significant other; these types seem to care little for anyone outside of their immediate family unit, but seem quite happy within their small bubble

5. The Pastor: Another kind of "community leader", these people usually fill roles of authority in business, government, or otherwise hold esteemed positions in society. Somewhat a mixture of the Healer and the Family Type, they tend to conform more to social convention and ascribe more to the traditional family structure, but still devote a significant portion of their time to the community they live in (or sometimes the large company they work for).

6. The Old Timer: This person is usually retired, old, and may be very funny and charming or very cranky and rough. However, they have clearly seen their share of the world, and almost always have a great deal of wisdom, whether or not they choose to share it.


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jan 15, 2019
which is the most positive type you think? They all seem to have downsides or they are missing out on something