Long-Term The "I love you" Frame


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Nov 21, 2012
Just Dave here,

*This post is about: giving you a properly particular frame I used when saying "I love you" to my current girlfriend. This post is not about, love in general, how to know you're in love, how you act when you're in love. This is basically, a successful implementation of what I've learned from Ricardus' post on this very topic, the actual saying of "I love you".* Please note: This frame itself can be adjusted to whomever would want to use it, but it was uniquely designed to meet my needs.

https://www.girlschase.com/content/should-you-say-i-love-you-making-progress-relationships Ricardus' original post

The actual process you want is to bond with your girlfriend, as stated in the post. Without that, this will not work, logically could you love a person who you feel knows absolutely nothing about you. Also, didn't take the time making memories with you and getting to know.
The gist: Get to know her, and make her feel good like any good boyfriend should.

Part 1: We were walking on a bridge, we stopped by a pillar and I asked her while holding her, "What would you do if you fell in love with me?" She smiled and blushed and kissed me.

On a different day

Part 2: I took her the park, we sat down in the middle of the forest area and we were talking. While she was talking, I took a stick and drew hearts with our initials inside of them. As soon as she realized what I was doing she kissed me.

Sex is very key in linking strong emotional ties to you
, if you're having sex with her and making it meaningful, passionate, and down right sexy. This should be no problem. My mother just said to me the other day, "A man should always know how to please his woman." ;)

A week or so after the park.

Part 3: After we had an amazing passion session, I was laying on top of her with my head resting in between her breasts. I lifted my head up looked her in the eyes, the gleamed bright with something that said she wanted to tell me something for sometime. I seized the moment and send in a strong sexy voice, "You love me, don't you." Her cheeks blushed, her heart beat faster, as she held me closer. She replied sweetly, "I think so.." My face getting closer to her's with each passing second replied. "That's okay, because I love you too."

The frame: A relaxing romantic moment in bed, after sex, making "I love you" less a statement but more a question. The actual moment took about a minute, the actual process to build that moment two weeks, the relationship to that point about 2-3 months. Do not rush this, like a kiss rushed it will only turn out horrible and awkward.

Other details: My girlfriend stays in a different city than I do, about an hour away. A sample text from her, "I never understood the saying distance makes the heart grow fonder until I met you. :)" You want to plant seeds and in your girlfriend about the love, you don't want to make out the blue. I've written songs for her, and I made her a necklace. A few things to remind her of me.

Dynamic of Your relationship: My relationship is different than a lot of peoples, my brother also involved in a distance relationship. Him and his girlfriend talk throughout the day. Me and girlfriend talk throughout the night. No one's is better it just what works for us.

Take care,

Just Dave