The science of female desire and my new theory


Space Monkey
space monkey
Aug 31, 2018

This is a long watch but very much worth it.

I've been going in circles forever now. Should you go direct or indirect? How dominant and aggressive you should be? What about getting to know the girl? How do I make myself seem less attainable? What do I do in social situations?

I always aimed for the image of a James Bond or a bad boy, making women swoon by just standing there. The badboy would even push the girl away, like she's not good enough for him. I thought seduction is a kind of manipulation, making yourself seem higher status and marginally interested. None of that ever worked. Here's what did work. In the rare instances where for whatever reason I just let go and expressed true, pure burning desire, hinging only on the slightest bit of self control, almost threatening that I will loose it and take her by force - then I had spectacular success. And this explains why

TLDR on the video:
Women get turned on by anything sex related. It doesn't even have to be straight sex, it can be man-to-man, woman-to-woman or even monkey-to-monkey, unlike men who get turned on a lot less by these kinds of sex (or not at all). They don't however get turned on by a muscular, handsome guy with a nice body when he's flacid and non-sexual. They also don't get turned on by friendly male-female interactions (while men often fantasize). They are also just as visual as guys, but respond to the act of sex rather than the male body itself.

So what this means is that you can throw most of the theory out of the window. You make women desire you by showing them desire first(and making them think of sex). Direct is simply superior. Be as dominant as you can without getting yourself arrested. Be as aggressive as you can without scarring her off. Getting to know the girl matters very little. You become less attainable by openly hitting on other girls. Go as far as you can without other people turning on you. If she gives you a hard rejection, just enjoy her reaction. Be like - Okay then. I'm gonna go to that other girl and fuck her brains out. Be a rake. Be a sex machine.

Or that's my theory. I'm gonna try it out today.