Tied Tongue - Munching Box


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Sep 21, 2016
Yo, so I have an issue.

I have tied tongue. Some genetic thing that my parents didn't fix because they didn't want to "hurt the baby" when I was little and snip it. So I can't stick my tongue out as far as most people. If I were to snip it now I'd pick up a super sexy speech impediment.

While I don't eat pussy all the time with girls, when I do:
There's some that it doesn't matter, I can go straight to clit town after some fooling around down there.
Then there's some where I have a much harder time finding the clit with the capabilities of my tied tongue, or receiving adequate feedback that she's being satisfactorily stimulated.
Seems to depend on the pussy.

Maybe this is just my inexperience with finding the clit, since I normally stimulate other areas of the foo foo to get my lady happy during sex.

Anyone with thoughts / insight, feel free to post, I'd appreciate it.