Tinder Photo Guide to Maximize your Matches (With Examples)


Jun 27, 2019
There are 3 key things that go into a good photo for Tinder:

Quality - Your pic needs to meet the "quality threshold".

Looking your best - In any picture you post, you should always look at least a point better than in real life

Looking natural - The picture can't look "posed" or "staged". Basically, the vibe you wanna give off is that you were doing some high value activity and someone snuck up out of nowhere and took the pic

These are the often ignored fundamentals. In the video, I break each one down in more detail and give you examples of each. I also explain the 8 most common mistakes that guys make (Selfies, Hovering group pics, etc) when it comes to pictures. If you need some advice, just ask here or on Youtube.

Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBc3hnXiBxc


Space Monkey
space monkey
Sep 6, 2014
Looked at your videos and really like your confidence man. I plan to watch a lot more.

The problem with me is that I get the matches, but I feel my text game sucks or these women are just not serious.

The girls I get stuck on are the ones that give short ads replies after the opener.

If she gives me a short reply I feel it's over, then I send a text and she doesn't respond.

The only conversations that work for me is when the girl is asking questions back and responding in a timely manner.

If the girl's replying back asking you questions, it makes it easier for you to progress on different topics and I feel I'm good with that, but the dry responses, I have no clue.

If you got some conversation tips on what to ask and what I can do with these dry replies I'd appreciate it.


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Aug 15, 2018
OK, I don't do Tinder, but just let your video run in the background. I get that it must be a lucrative business to sell guys Tinder advice and photo shoots, though.

For some reason the subtitles on YouTube are Korean, so I couldn't pick up your name. You introduced yourself in the beginning because you wanted people to Google your name, right? Guess what, your name doesn't appear on your website either.

Onto the content. At 2 minutes I truly don't find the photo on the left bad at all. I wonder if you run it through a service where users rate your photos. Is Hot or Not still a thing, or is there a worthy update to it? At 3:30 you say the better photo is the more natural one, but again, I honestly don't get which is the good photo of the two and you don't provide the solution either. It may be an easy answer to you for sure, but not to simpletons like me. You seem like an experienced YouTuber, so you must know on YouTube you better be a little more explanatory.

Other than that, common sense, good advice. Again, I didn't even try Tinder, so what do I know? I guess it just doesn't fit that well into my lifestyle. Besides, how many man-hours in preparation and actual work does it require? I know Tinder enthusiasts say you can meet girl at home comfortable in your pajamas, but then I need a fake GPS hack to put me into the target rich area to begin with and I'm in front of a screen all day anyway, so going out and saying 'hi' to someone nice seems like the more natural fit to me.