Calls & Texts *TL;DR


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 21, 2012
*Translation: Too Long; Didn't Read

Just Dave here,

These are the type of responses you never want to get from women ever!

What happened:
*Your message didn't get to the point
*Too much effort to read
*Too much time to read

Why:[/b ]But girls love when I say big powerful statements!?!?
Although that may be true in person or on the phone. Think of what the original point of texting was a quick response. Think of it like an instant memo. Texting was built to carry on the three hour plus conversation we forced it to do today.

Fixers: How I can help you!
Her: I love feeling your arms ;)
You: I love feeling your boobs, butt, thighs, hair, blah blah blah (too much typing)

Her: I love feeling your arms ;)
You: You have really sexy thighs ;)
*Don't reveal everything to her on the first day, give the girl something to look forward to!

1. Keep your texts short and to the point, see the Law of Least Effort
2. Let her over invest in you
3. Don't say everything at once, leave something to the imagination

Happy Friday,

Just Dave