To GirlsChase writers: some suggestions for new articles


Space Monkey
space monkey
Sep 28, 2013
England, UK
I don't know if Chase has covered this already (out of almost 500 articles on the main site), but i don't think so. So I want to add a few suggestions on what he or another writer could cover next:

1. How to get a girl to HER place after a date/approach (Most of the advice on the main site is relevant if you have your own place to take her. But there will be times where taking her to your place won't be an option. So, how to persuade her to invite you to HER place instead? Especially after a successful approach.).

2. How to become good friends with a girl after sex, instead of just awkward acquaintances. (A girl will have lots of emotions for you after sex, but if she would make a good friend/business partner, you don't want these emotions to interfere. But you don't want to be 'friend-zoned' causing her to lose her previous respect for you- how do you get her to lose unnecessary sexual/romantic feelings, whilst her still maintaining respect and necessary emotions for a good friendship?).

3. How to be good friends with a girl you previously had sex with (different to #2, which is about becoming good friends with a girl you were intimate with. How to make her feel you're a treasured friend, rather than just throwing you on the pile with the dozens of other guy friends/shopping guys).

4. Relationship articles in general. Everything you need to do to to keep between the 'need' and 'satiation' stages in a relationship (see here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=41&p=42&hilit=+satisfied#p42).

Any other ideas by other members is welcome.