Trustworthiness & auto rejection


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jan 12, 2020
I recently noticed a trend in how things work on my end .

I manage to find a cute & good girl ( at least this is how they present themselves and to me they do not really trigger any flags ) . Fast forward they start to open the relationship subject ( before having sex ) then I usually brush it off ( but they would pick up the subject again and again ) & I just tell them that I am not the type of guy that can commit to a relationship from the start , as We barely know each other and i take relationships very seriously in general and expect the same from my partner and reframe it to talk about it again in a couple of weeks and see where we are then .

well , most of the times , the girls just go cold or start picking up fights for no reason after I tell them this or they start giving mixed signals so bad that I have to play a really tight game to get them in bed ( and since they play games in trying to make me commit I just loose interest in having a relationship with them as I find them manipulative ).

now , people tell me that in general I do not look trustworthy ( men & women ) .

Do you believe that me being perceived not trustworthy in general means that girls that are more traditional let”s say want commitment from me first because they are not sure if I will stay after ?

I also get a lot of , “ do you do this with all the girls ? “ , “ are you a player ? “ , “ did you ever had a long term relationship ? “ , “ did you ever really loved a woman ? “ and other things along this lines.

what are your guys thoughts ?
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