We're Banning Most Red Pill/Incel/MGTOW/Manosphere Topics. But Not Because We're Afraid...!

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Oct 9, 2012
Hey fellas,

The mods and I had a chat about whether we want to permit guys to start threads on here talking about red pill / manosphere / incel / MGTOW / etc. subjects.

If you're just tuning in to that, that includes things like:

  • Hypergamy
  • The alpha/beta dichotomy
  • Blue/red/purple/white/black/azure/whatever pill
  • "Are all women bitter?"
  • "Are all women evil?"
  • "Are all women manipulators?"
  • "Are all women totally heartless/soulless?"

And so on and so forth.

Now, here's the challenge: banning red pill man-stuff is not like banning religion or politics. Nobody is going to come on here and say, "Ha, see! You guys are full of it! If you weren't, you'd have no problem talking about post-natal abortion and systemic racism against Bangladeshis in Pakistan! This seduction stuff is bunk!"

Red pill ideology presents itself as, at times, side-by-side with pickup/seduction, other times as opposed to it. And when something opposes something else, it typically tries to frame itself as "correct" and the other side as "incorrect."

Over the years, we have had guys find Girls Chase, then find the red pill manosphere. Many of them come back here and decide that place is too dark and not accurate enough in its views. Some of them realize they were looking for the red pill manosphere all along. Some of those come back here and try to convert us, or talk about how we are "blue pill" or "purple pill."

If that's you, let me be frank:

  • All the manosphere stuff you are just reading and finding out about now I read years ago

  • Further, all this stuff you are consuming that is OPENING YOUR EYES I knew about as a kid

  • Not every guy is raised as a clueless "blue pill" nice guy chump. Some of us actually had cool dads, player uncles, weren't raised by single mothers, and went to schools that didn't indoctrinate us with de-masculinizing claptrap

  • While you think you are discovering ULTIMATE TRUTH in the red pill / manosphere stuff, the actual fact is you have found one stepping stone in the pond. The normal path from "clueless blue pill simp" to "enlightened man who truly, deeply, and uncynically understands" is to go from one extreme (the "blue pill" trusting, naïve optimism), to the opposite extreme (the "red pill" burned, cynical realism), until settling upon a nuanced view of reality (the seeing, understanding, accepting enlightened man). The mission of this site (one of its core missions) is to shunt men past/through the cynical red pill phase directly to the chilled out enlightened man phase as seamlessly and rapidly as possible. Because a LOT of guys get stuck in the red pill phase and think that's all there is. And most of these guys are not often the happiest, not often the most pleasant people, and often not able to be nearly as productive or triumphant in their lives as they could be by harnessing understanding without cynicism

To understand the red pill evolution process, you should read this article:


This forum is not a red pill therapy forum.

It is not really a place to help guys get through the doubts and cynicism they feel when they discover red pill skepticism, and they feel the shatterings of their old blue pill naïveté.

That stings, I know.

But while red pill guys are closer to the truth than blue pill guys are, they are STILL not fully evolved in their way of seeing things or dealing with them.

And just like we do not want to be debating "Here's why you have to wait three dates before you have sex" or "This is why girls really do go for nice guys in the end" on here, we also do not want to be debating "Here's why monogamy can never really work" or "Here's why women are incapable of real love or loyalty."

If you want our answers on any of those questions, they have all been extensively addressed on Girls Chase. Here's a partial list:

Probably let's not forget the two that trigger every manosphere guy for some reason (they can't call these articles "blue pill"; they just get upset instead. Too much cognitive dissonance):

If you're a red pill guy looking for some genuine advice on actual-potential scary situations that are commonly discussed in the red pill / manosphere community, see these articles, where I have both more and broader experience, better citations, and better recommendations I think than any red pill / manosphere article I've seen on the topics:

So that's the master list of all red pill-related stuff I can think of off the top of my head.

And this is the one thread we're going to have on red pill / manosphere stuff on here, from here on out, unless there are some extreme extenuating circumstances or there is some extremely fascinating, relevant topic from that area that guys just need to talk about to digest and we don't have an article up on.

We don't want guys bringing up this red pill, incel, MGTOW, manosphere, etc. stuff on here.

It is really tangential to the mission here.

The mission here is not to debate the merits of women. If you're unsure about that, go reread all those articles. If you're still unsure, then a seduction forum is not the right place for you right now.

The mission here is also not for us to rag on the red pill guys and talk about how we are superior. Those guys are going through a phase, they are still seeing the world in extremes, and they are moving to a more nuanced view. Not everybody comes from a background where he grows up aware of the stuff that these guys are sheltered from and don't find out about until later in life; there are guys who are not exposed to a lot of this, at all, or even are actively led to believe the opposite, and when they find it out their minds explode, their whole worlds are a lie, and they are confused and angry. They gravitate naturally to red pill. Or you may have followed that trajectory yourself -- in which case, you ought to be able to look back and remember when you went through it, and commiserate.

These are not bad guys. They're just guys who were lied to, and their worlds have fallen down around them, and they're hurt.

So, I don't want to beat up on these guys. But neither is this place a therapy forum for guys to work through their red pill issues.

Read the articles above. Or don't, if this isn't the right place for you now.

But we will close red pill / manosphere threads if we see them, unless they are super relevant or something.

We're not going to ban a guy for posting this stuff, unless it's excessive (at the time of this writing, the last time I banned a guy for excessive red pill stuff was half a decade ago. It's really not a huge problem).

We will close those threads though.

The point of this forum is to GET girls.

That is what it's about.

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