What is this girl doing and how to get them to chase you


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Dec 8, 2014
So I've got this scenario, which is really weird. There's this girl that I was sleeping with who keeps on buying me gifts, like chocolate cake for my birthday, she sends it to me and sends me christmas and birthday cards and other gifts. But nowadays whenever I try to have a converation with her through whatsapp she completely ignores me. Yet she still buys me all these gifts. Last year it was a chocolate cake and the year before a massive book of HP Lovecraft stories. But she still ignores me when I text her and the times she doesnt ignore me she seems very hostile and kind of pissed off with me. Yet she buys me all these gifts! Weird! What is this? Havent slept with her for 2 years and since then theres been a lot of drama, which culminated with me exploding at her over text very angry over some political bullshit and didnt contact her for 6 months. Since then it hasnt been the same which is when the her buying me gifts but not wanting to talk to me anymore started.

Then I have this other problem, well it's not a problem but a bit annoying. I have no problems getting dates, hook ups, I'm 6 foot 3, handsome in the face been hitting the gym a lot last few years so put on quite a lot of muscle, dont have bad dress style, got a super nice apartment by the sea and packing quite well down there and I think i'm quite good in bed, but girls still arent chasing me! Will admit I need to work on my status and money more but other than that I think Im doing ok so why aren't girls chasing? I dont have any problems getting sex, hookups, dates, attention, get compliments a lot, am not needy with women, only text to set up dates so how do i get girls to chase? Is it my texting game? Do I need to have more silence post dates and let them get in contact with me? Maybe it's my lack of status, social standing, how do i get them to chase?