What to do when you burnout?


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Feb 15, 2019
do something else for a month, I know

but seriously, whether you:
have no idea why you can't get results and you feel like beating your head against a concrete or
have every idea what to do, and that conscious focus on perfection drives you nuts,

after several weeks of concentrated effort you start despising the mere idea of approach, and then?

I have what you would call a stellar daygame logistics.
Once I went home after approaching for 4.5 hours because my knees were really tired, I made 106 approaches that day.
So when I want to improve, all conditions are there with no limitations present, which makes me work in short bursts:
3-6 weeks intensive approaches, dates, reading, watching videos
1-3 weeks of "fuuuuck my life, I'm never approaching anyone ever again..."

Question is - is it the same for most people? Or is there a smarter way of working?


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Feb 15, 2019
Maybe some of the masters, who made 10 000 approaches and had 100+ lays have some specific technics to overcome burnouts?
As far as I can say, most important thing for me is to stop negative self talk. And instead implement actual praise.

1. I am the only one in this fucking city who does it
2. I am one of the few who can speak english so well to actually learn from GC for example, because russian dating advice sucks hairy fucking ballsacks
3. I am in the minority because I only daygame, the purest and the best form of pickup (and for 3 month it down to -30 F daygame in Omsk (54.987290, 73.370927)

4. I made 2300+ approaches (ver 1.0 spam approaches average 15 seconds) with very few results until only recently, which shows insane work ethic under harshest conditions.

5. Now I can really and truly approach in any situation, I can walk into a cafe, shut 10 people up and take that girl's number.

6. I recently figured out how to approach ver. 2.0
(only approach pretty girls,
not more often then every 10 min,
specific complement instead of generic),
and now I take a number every 3 approaches as opposed to one every 18.

7. When I learn to approach ver.3.0
(small talk,
ask for date instead of number) and move approach/date ratio from 5% to 10-15% AND

8. When I learn to have consistent sex on the first date
sexual frames,
sex talk,
setting up a partner in crime kinda vibe
exploring more on the topics around standards, like quality of sex, different types of people, different types of relationships, crazy experiences, whats important versus what most people do wrong - cody)

When I nail those two things, I ' ll have a pipeline for the Gods!
9. I am progressing exponentially right now, and future is brighter, than it ever was, brothers


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Aug 15, 2018
The Old Continent
nad_bigger said:
first 22 min
I've got to watch it.

(I've learnt that Hector learns from famed social media and business guy Gary Vaynerchuk. Implementing his advice would make the Girls Chase website and probably whole business more up to date and valuable to its users, but that's a different topic. Chase seems to be more interested in entering the fashion business than these. Really, this.)

Interesting Q&As by Hector strangely (or for a reason) hardly anyone watches. Really, applying the business side of tips from Gary Vaynerchuk would help gaining more viewers.

To give you a different perspective on your burnout, and to also address your question I work myself to death. And how do you grow?, two in one, you may be interested in checking out the first 3 and a half minutes of the video: A Rant Against The Pickup Community - Must Watch For All PUAs. Just see the first 3 and a half minutes, with an open mind. If you like it, then watch more! I've found it interesting as I've watched it more than once.