Observations  When advance guys switch game styles you need to be patient...


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
South Florida
A lot of the advance guys gamed for years, got pretty decent in a niche.... But if the niche is taking away for whatever reason could be temporarily or permanently such:

- lost of social circle
- clubs dying (could be corona, summer college break, winter break or cuffing season/online taking over/city taking over real estate for other reasons were the clubs are or _______ fill in the blank)
- day game (you burn out the particular area were you day game in your small town)
-online game/apps (boredom, shadow banned, actual banned or you burn out the all the leads)

^ or it just could be you stop gaming to focus on biz or ltr or break up healing or whatever....( i cover this in time machine seducers and also cover some of this in the reality distortion post)

^ so now you are back you set up shop you try a different type of game and you are getting frustrated cause you are not getting the same type of success you used to get on the other particular game or same game different style.....

^ well you want instant gratification and you have un realistic expectations.... What you don't get is you are good in that niche but it took you probably years to get good at it, a success in another game style, obviously is going to take a bit of frustration, hopelessness, you feeling inadequate, etc....

^ the good news is it should not take a long time to get over the hump specially if you are getting quality help from dudes that know what they are doing in that area, the learning curve should be 10 times easier as long as your ego is in check and you don't pretend to know what you don't know.

Unfortunately for whatever reason most times the dude that is good in the particular niche will get inpatient, jump ship right away, and trash the game style he was unable to master and sometimes cope (oh is because that other dude had this fictional advantage or the quality girl angle crap or frauding)

Seen this many times over the years, So as always me trying to be lazy when this comes up again i will just link this post.....


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Nov 13, 2019
South America
It's like a muay thai champion learning BJJ for the first time.
Some of his success will translate, but it's a totally different animal.