Visiting Who Wants to Meet in Europe to Vacation & Seduce? (Summer 2022)


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jun 28, 2021

Vacations season is about to begin in Europe, and I have an idea to mash some pleasure and some growth together.

I would like to organise a one-week "Vacations with Seduction".

I'm looking to find a group of 4-6 players, who would like to spend a week relaxing, having fun, spend time with other players, and of course gaming and learning every day, in one of the beatiful summer vacations places in Europe, with beautiful weather, amazing nature and hot girls.

Proposed timeline: second part of June, or first week of July
Destination: I'm based in Europe, so I propose we go to some popular vacations destination like Rhodes (Greece), Mallorca (Spain), Split (Croatia). This is to be decided together.
Budget: Mid-range, not student budget, not high class either
Days: 7
Game Level: at least early intermediate level of game

Disclaimer: This is not a commercial offer. I'm not planning to make money out of this. I'm looking for a group of players who like the idea and who would like to contribute in making this idea reality. Costs will be fully transparent and decided on together.

If you are interested, please let us now on this post AND in private.

Message to Admins: I'm aware that this may not be the best place on the forum for this post, but I've got an impression that Location-based forum is not frequently viewed by most users, so I kindly ask to allow this post to hang for few days, after which I will delete it. By Wed, 18th of May?