Women with multiple sex partners

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Jan 12, 2020
Society has changed so much that we can no longer say all women, but we can refer instead to some women.

Why are there women who share their lives with more than one partner?

Does she really care about one of them?

It may have something to do with the pursuit of assertion or poor training in one field or another.

A woman who has several relationships does not love any of those she meets, but she can always lie that she does. It's so easy. We cannot look at a woman with multiple sexual partners correctly unless our opinion benefits from the pathological filter.

Psychologically, the woman with several sexual partners may say that one of her multiple relationships represents her inner balance, and the rest of the partners have a role of fun, but the reality is different. The truth is this: for 7-10 seconds of pleasure, caused by neuromuscular euphoria, the woman thinks she loves or is in love. The satisfaction she feels, after orgasm, would be natural if she had only one stable sexual partner.

What does a woman who has several simultaneous relationships lack?

Love. Attention. The family. Self-esteem.

A girl told me a couple of years ago: "I feel that I am intensely appreciated if I go with several men in one day". I emphasize: in one day.
The truth was this : she had begun his sexual life with a gang rape. Dominated by the false sense of guilt so she had sexual contact with even five men daily.

What would be the typology of the woman who cheats?

The sexual predator has at least one dominant motivation that has generated extreme sexual behavior. Entering the defensive state can also be manifested through multiple relationships.

Defensive against what?

Domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment for a long time, etc . The victim "attacks" guided by the expression "Fuck you, I can do it too !"

But why do women cheat in the first place ?

* Out of loneliness. When a woman is no longer appreciated and is already at the point where she can count the attempts at reconciliation with her current partner, she will cheat.

* Because of fear. Fear of not being left to anyone. At 20, the woman is testing. Until the age of 30, she is not aware of the danger of not belonging to anyone. After 30 years, the despair of not being with someone comes.

* Because she feels she can , and nothing bad will happen in case the guy finds out

In general, trust defines a woman's emotional state. The higher the self-image and stability in the couple, the more the woman will not give in to temptation. In the absence of harmony, the woman can test alternative partners.

Is it about education, about the need for affirmation?

It depends on what you think. Out of the need for assertion she can go through the bed of many men, but if the subject is deeply religious, this does not happen. Education can be used as an excuse, but neither her mother nor her father teaches her that sex with more than one partner brings you affirmation. If the woman finds, during his professional life, that sexual favors increase her importance in the company, only education can prevent her from having deviant behavior.

Could it be related to poor training?

Official, yes. The masses integrate the lack of preparation with sex. Cognitively weak people replace training in a field with sexual favors. However, the conduct and results of a good professional are not counted in the number and content of sexual acts. In order to really evolve and to produce positive changes at the mass level, you need good training methods to generate better prepared people.

Can such a woman ever be reduced to one man?

Not. There will always be a reserve
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