LR  "You Choked Me with Your Cum": First Throatpie


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Oct 28, 2017
Paris, France
The night started out lousy as I went in vain pursuit of new nymphet bars, got stuck in the subway and by half past ten still hadn't had a single drink or met a single woman. So I said fuck it, and went back to the routine that got me laid two weeks ago. I went to my closest bar, rather notorious for hook-ups in Stockholm. Waiting to get my first drink, I complimented 26 year old Scottish girl L waiting beside me on her jewelry; rings, bracelets and earrings. She ate it up, showed me more and it was on. We had fun deep-diving about music, literature and politics, and I used everything I knew of Scotland (which wasn't a lot), from the gardener in The Simpsons to Robert Burns and Macbeth. When we ordered second drinks she payed for both. One of her girlfriends dropped by to gossip about her Tinder date who had joined her at the the same bar, and was off talking to some other girlfriends. Eventually L wanted to take a smoke, and I followed. After the smoke we headed back in and chilled at her friends' (all coworkers from H&M:s design team) table.

Pretty soon the Tinder turtle doves take off to fuck, and I'm left with L and her two friends. According to Chase's principles of locking in, I snatch the departed girl's chair, which means that only I and one of the other girls actually sit down. After bantering with all three of them we go out for another smoke, and as we head out L tells me she's "ready to leave". Her two friends head off to McDonalds and tell L to catch up with them later. As we stand talking outside, I sense the obvious escalation window and decide to pull. I ask if she wants to go take a drink somewhere else and she accepts. It is only midnight. We walk the short three minutes to my apartment building yard and as I open the gates, she says she thought we were going to a bar, but I simply reply that I've got the best drinks and continue walking across the yard. She follows. Just as we enter the door to my building she says "just so you know I won't stay the night". "You're not allowed to stay the night", I answer. "That's so sensual", she answers with a giggle as we walk up the staircase.

She roams around my room looking at the cornucopia of obscure books as I make us some Negronis (strictly Americano, since it was late and I exchanged the gin for tonic and soda water). I love when girls bend over and stand looking at my bookshelves, because that gives me a good reason to go hug them and ask which tome caught their eye; besides it gives a good view of their ass. As has become my routine I settle down in my office chair and open up Spotify on my computer, then invites her in to sit in my lap. There's just nothing that beats the mix of affection and dominance which comes from having women sit in your lap while you talk, drink and listen to music, and kissing her in that position is so effortless as to be almost unnoticeable; after she's sat there for awhile with your arms around her and her ass on your rod stiffening through the pants, you just take her chin, move it towards you and kiss her, if she's not already done it yourself. Sprezzatura! I guess it's the naughty analogy to sitting in their father's lap that gets them (and me!) going.

She enjoyed playing the role of DJ. The first song she played was sublime "Embryonic Journey" by Jefferson Airplane, after which I got a private lesson in punk music history. The moment we start kissing she starts moaning and it's obvious she's horny as fuck. She's in a short fake leather skirt and nylon, so as she's sitting in my lap I have free immediate access to her pussy. I lift up her shirt and reveal sexy black lingerie. I pull it down and she goes nuts as I suckle her tits. I pull out my cock without stopping to suck her, and directs her eager hand to it. My desk and chair is just by the bed (a recent innovation), so I just tip her over down on the bed relentlessly licking. She grabs my hand and puts it on her throat to choke her. Eventually she wants to give back and I sit back in the chair as she wraps her lips around my cock. Blowjobs really do it for me, so after only a minute I realize that I will come if I let her continue. Instead I tell her to take it easy and push her back on the bed. As we pull off her panties and tights she says that she "really didn't plan this". "Sure", I answer.

I enter her and bending her legs up over her head, locking her by my arms to stay in that position, I grab her as adapted missionary and pound away. All in all I must have fucked her for an hour; I honestly felt I could last forever. Eventually we switched to sandwich doggy style. At first I choked her with my left biceps, then I tried pinching her nose. All of a sudden she's complaining of blood and it turns out she suddenly got epistaxis. The cool girl just wipes it off, though, and begs me to keep fucking her. I pound fast at first, then when in at the deepest I stop and climb horizontally forward as to make my cock enter her almost perpendicularly, which makes her squirm from pleasure, and in that position I lay and rest while her body is shaking from pleasure. Sprezzatura in sex, haha!

We switch to adapted again and this time she gets the shake orgasms, writhing and pushing me off with full force, but I'm stronger than her and pin her down and continue. Eventually she begs me to turn over, and she climbs on top, cowgirl style. This position gives me the most pleasure, as I can rest and focus on the feeling, while having great visuals. I spank her hard and with my index finger I feel that her butt sphincter has relaxed from all the orgasms. When I push it in it drives her wild and she rides and moans loudly. Eventually I add a second finger which slips in easily. This gives me naughty ideas, and I flip her off to goat-on-a-cliff doggystyle (haven't you seen "The Big Lebowski"?).

I fumble around and find my pink buttplug. "Have you used one of these?", I ask her with a devil's smile. "Yes!" she answers, so I push it up her ass. She moans but asks me if I have lube. Stupid me, so I pull it out, pour lube on her ass pushes it in again. I push it in and out which gives her great pleasure and she begs me to fuck her. I interpret her as if wanting cock in her ass, so I ask her "do you want it?" and she says "yes". I never tried anal before, but I put my glans against her sphincter, press hard and slip in. "Oh God!", she screams and squirms to the side so I slip out after only a second. "Put that thing in my butt and that thing in there", she explains and points first to the plug, then to my cock and her pussy. I can't help but laugh; my first anal was a surprise anal! It doesn't matter that I was only in for a second; I now dominate all her orifices which is great for the dynamic. I put the plug back in and pound her pussy. She puts her hands against the wall and whimps louder than ever.

The anal obviously took her to a new level, and when I go back to adapted missionary she's at breaking point. I fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and she slithers, squirms and fights. When I'm at the deepest I ask her if she likes it deep, and tell her I'll penetrate her soul. All she can say is "it's so deep". Eventually she breathlessly tells me she wants me to cum for her. "In your dreams", I answer, "I'm not done yet." I continue pounding her hard until I get bored and pull out. I settle in my chair and she starts licking my balls and shaft with great ardor. "That has been deep inside you", I say. "Mmmm, it tastes so good", she answers. I stand up and since the height difference allows it, she sits on the bed sucking me. This is my overall favorite position, looking down upon her, my hands in her hair. It also gives me the greatest power, since if she pulls back I can follow and trap her. I ask her to look at me, and she gives me two sultry eyes. Pretty soon I feel the tingling and push in deeper, which makes her fall backwards onto the bed with me sitting on top of her face. I feel my cock sliding over the doorstep all the way to the back of her throat as I ejaculate and rest my hand on the wall to keep from collapsing. It's all quiet except a big gulp as all that cum makes her swallow. I keep my cock in her throat for awhile as the orgasm ebbs away. I pull out slowly and there's not the slightest trace of sperm anywhere; it never entered her mouth but went straight down. I smile and look down and see an equally smiling girl. "What a naughty girl", I say amazed. "You choked me with your cum", she says tenderly and coughs a bit.

We finish our drinks and she sits in my lap as we cuddle and listen to some more music. She's turned all feminine and girly giggly, talking excitedly with shining eyes and caressing me constantly. I make her read me some Burns poetry in authentic Scottish dialect (she chooses "To a Mouse"), which is charming. Her grandfather was apparently an enthusiast of Burns, whiskey and pipes. It's late and eventually she hesitatingly gathers her stuff and leaves.

Quite a few firsts for me:
- First time giving multiple orgasms
- First anal
- First fellatio with finish
- First throatpie
- First sex with a Scot :)

Until next time,