Youtube Premium Service will wreck most business, podcast.


Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Nov 20, 2012
Take your life seriously.

I have already enrolled into Youtube Premium Service. It's fucking amazing. But as a human being, i am worried. I want you guys to take Russell Brunson's advice very seriously.

On sales funnels. :)

Please, please for the love of God, Eckhart toile, have some cash backup. I am not fucking kidding. The disruption we going to have in the next 5-50 years will be immense.

As a consumer, i am happy. As a human, no one cried for taxis. No one cares if you suck. But that's the good part. There's liberation to go out and do your best. :) So go do your best. Because i be doing my best, too.