1. T

    How to Approach a Group of Women Sitting at the Bar? (When it’s Packed)

    At night when the actual bar is packed and you see a group of women (3 or more) standing there all with their back turned talking to each other, how do you approach them? More specifically when you’re waiting behind the overall crowd to order a drink (due to no physical room to squeeze in). I...
  2. T

    Blank Stare From Girl After Makeout

    I’m genuinely confused as to what happened in this scenario. I was at a bar Friday night and as I’m getting water I noticed this woman was eye fucking me out of my peripherals. I chugged my water and walked to where she was near the bar. I opened her by asking her how her night was, what’s...
  3. U

    Where to go for solo nightgame during weekdays?

    So I have a wing and we hit the clubs on Fridays and Saturdays for night gaming. However, I feel like just two nights a week is really not enough since I am still new and am looking to maximize volume. The problem is all the clubs are closed on weekdays and so I will be forced to stick to bars...
  4. Lushie

    How to deal with a club rager

    I was out with two of my guys at a uptown college bar, it was crowded as fuck. We were chilling at this bar area and I noticed this group of mixed set with three girls and three guys. I told my boys let's go closer to the DJ, so one of my guy went first and slip past one of the girl in the...
  5. F

    Overview post?

    Hey guys! I haven't been on in a while, but I had a question, but first here's some context. So I read these articles and I think they're great. But I forget a lot of the stuff I read... but I wanna master this stuff. I think it would be cool if there was one article that gave a great overview...
  6. M

    HELP: Venue screening and night timing

    Howdy gents, So lately I've been working a lot on reducing /controlling my anxiety, and after a very long day of work I decided to go out to some bar I thought was nice. My plan was to stay there a few hours doing some cold approach here and there, vibing with some small group... Great to get...
  7. theodous

    night game starting-bars or clubs?

    guys and some girls maybe my question is weird but I want your advse how to start bars or clubs? I dont like georgian clubs but maybe its my fault