day game

  1. DrippyMoonKnight

    Ambiguous Day/Night Venues

    What are people's thoughts on, for example, a weekly ethnic market with live music and dancing? Do you combine some principles of day and night game? If so, what are some other venue examples where you would do that?
  2. Jan

    Positive spin on bad approach-to-lay ratio in day game

    Some time ago I read statistics of approach-to-lay ratio in day game among advanced day gamers. I don't recall the exact numbers but at that I was negatively surpised about these numbers. Something like 1 lay out of 50 approaches. I thought: 'What the fuck? So much work to get just one girl?"...
  3. ShioriGC

    Masculinity vs Vulnerability in Day Game

    Has anyone else noticed the need for both masculinity and vulnerability in day game? While trying to improve my posture I noticed I get more looks, but my personaility becomes more hard and stiff - fundamentals improvement Meanwhile when I take myself less seriously (be more vulnerable), i can...
  4. ShioriGC

    Shiori's Newbie Assignment

    Hey guys! So im 28 years old and i first found this site when I was 21, 7 years ago Back then, i had no idea wtf i was doing with my life,dropped out of college at 20 and was figuring alot out. But I was able to use this site, upgrade fundamentals, and find some wings. I did day game, scored...
  5. Surveyor

    Bank tellers (repeat interactions)?

    I usually go to my friendly neighborhood bank late in the day, but this time I went earlier in the day, when there's a different teller at work. She was definitely a bit attracted to my passive fundamentals. I'll definitely be seeing her again fairly often. And I'd be curious to get to know her...
  6. DrippyMoonKnight

    Day-game Disaster

    Near the end of last school year (I'm in university), I made the mistake of using the "are you single?" line during a day game approach. This was made even more abrupt and out-of-place by the fact that I used the policeman stop just before saying it. Now, a woman who previously liked me thinks...
  7. Jan

    What is your GOAL of doing day game?

    Hi guys, I have been thinking recently about my lack of solid plan during day game. I realised that it happens to me often during instadate that I don't know what is the best course of action to lead her after the instadate. Today, while infield, I realised that this hesitation stems from the...
  8. Jan

    Can't proceed past instadate from Day Game

    Hi guys, Let me start with some background: my experience mostly stems from Tinder (most of my lays), night game and some social circle game. I'm an intermediate overall and pretty novice in day game. Two months ago I decided to focus on day game big time. I go out to a huge shopping mall with...
  9. LemurKing

    God's Beloved

    Gods Beloved 2 years ago, after coming to realize just how much of a miserable loser I was, I embarked on a journey of self transformation of which Game played and still does play a major role. Due to various circumstances my Game experience during that time was a lot of up and down, on and off...
  10. Jan

    "I'm in a hurry"

    "I'm in a hurry" - I hear this very often when I approach during day game. I most often approach in a shopping centre or on the streets. I understand that some women are really in a hurry, but I believe many use this phrase as an excuse. I usually stop them by standing in front of them, so...
  11. ThePhoenix

    OR Too inhibited to give a sugar daddy a fake baby

    Did my first approach mission in a while the other day. Alas, as is usual in my current time and place, I  bitched  out on every  last girl. But I  still had some interesting experiences with body  language and got several invitations. Ran  into sticking  points over age, following women, and...
  12. Calibration

    Is it ok to cold-approach on street at dusk?

    It gets dark quite early where I live, at around 5 pm. I finish work around that time and I'd still have some time to go home and do some approaches on the way home but I'm not very experienced approaching in the dark/dusk/after sunset and also girls are usually rushing home. Most shops also...
  13. LemurKing

    FR Back in the field - First time in months

    Getting back into the game I've been out of the Game for a while due to handling my approach to anxiety and mental health. Can't say they're both completely fixed but who can honestly. What I can say with confidence is that on my low days, I can approach about 70% of the sets I'm interested in...
  14. W

    Day Game Sticking Point - How to get Sexual State right?

    To all: I have been in the field for a couple of months now. Due to busy work, I have been only doing 3-4 approaches a week. I know small progress. I have gone from initial having a lot of anxiety to now a complete relax state (maybe not that complete). I am trying to calibrate my state to a...
  15. Calibration

    How many times a week do you go day gaming?

    How many hours on an average do you day game in a week or how many hours/day and days/week do you go out? What are the best times of the day to go out?
  16. mist

    FR Accidental Sniper Approaches

    HBEastAfrican (Last Monday) 40-50 minute interaction(?) Something about africans and having dat ass. Well I hope so because it was hard to tell with her jacket. She had a very nice shape though. What I looked like sort of. Rough draft of what I was wearing Red sweater fit (Close to this)...
  17. R

    Day game: girl acts uninterested on approach but doesn't reject straight away. How to act?

    Hi all, There was a nice article about this scenario but it was for night game (couldn't find it if someone has the link would be great). In clubs etc. girls like to act like they are almost ignoring you when you approach, so you should insist, be cocky etc. But what about day game? Say I...
  18. ThePhoenix

    Fight deep approach inhibition in a small town vs. a city? (Inter-continental travels!)

    TL;DR:    Iʼve come temporarily to a town of 14,000, but will soon move to a city of 1.7  million, full  of my type. Is  it worth spending  time trying  to overcome deep‑rooted approach  inhibition while Iʼm here in  this town, or should  I  forget girls here, allowing me to move quicker...
  19. Y

    What about the dark side of game / casual dating ?

    I have been meaning to ask this for about a month but my lazy ass kept putting this off and before i start - sorry , i couldn't approach any girls because the campus administration has been a bitch in letting us go out we are not allowed to go out at all , unless there's a serious reason (...
  20. Rakehell

    FR Day Game LifeGuard Chick

    I told myself I’d start writing field reports so that I can keep interactions I have tucked in memory. I tend to forget most approaches in a couple days and this one was pretty fresh so i’ll post my first report now. I don’t wanna put too many defining characteristics as to preserve some...