1. R

    Would you be friends with someone if possible theft or got snarky etc?

    @Teevster had an article recently about friends vs acquantances and I think @Chase had an article but I can't find it(picture of an older man on park bench alone, time is short). I have two examples: 1. If you live in a share house, and one of your drinks in the fridge goes missing, no one...
  2. Surveyor

    Surveying the Topography

    Welcome to my humble journal. I intend to post updates more or less regularly, but not daily. I'm a freshman at one of the hottest colleges in the country. I waited to start until the world went back to being vaguely normal, so I'm already 20. If you recognize my profile picture, I'm pretty...
  3. trashKENNUT

    My Broken Friendship (A Tale of Trevor Noah/Jimmy Kimmel)

    I was watching the Trevor Noah video. And believe me. I don't like this guy. He was defending Joe Rogan. Okay whatever. That is until he start commenting on the bad effects of Joe Rogan podcast. I pause and kinda annoyed by it. Because yeap, here he goes again. Going into the future State...
  4. Calibration

    How to handle resentment towards a guy friend who betrayed me?

    I have a friend who is (or pretended to be) close to me. I started a business with him and I gave him a business plan and spilled all the ideas of the business and gave him leads to everything that will help our business. After a week or so he saw the potential for the business to grow and...