My Broken Friendship (A Tale of Trevor Noah/Jimmy Kimmel)


Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Nov 20, 2012
I was watching the Trevor Noah video.

And believe me. I don't like this guy.
He was defending Joe Rogan. Okay whatever. That is until he start commenting on the bad effects of Joe Rogan podcast.

I pause and kinda annoyed by it. Because yeap, here he goes again. Going into the future State.

Then I think: "Is this what I do to Girlschase members? Am I the fucking Trevor Cunt in the forums?"

And I'm like oh shit. I am that Trevor guy to Girlschase members.

I did some self reflection.
This was what happened between a friend of mine and myself. He believe that the world is still the same, even today. He and I was the Obama Democrat center.

He still lives in that world.
I recognize that world.
He is Trevor.
But according to him, I'm Trevor.

According to him, I'm that guy who lost the plot and start going crazy (future State), when really, I have always been here.

Now... Ok Zac, What is the point of this post?

Everytime all Girlschase members argue, it's all the same thing. Zac argues from Universe reality. Member argues from Universe B.

Even if Zac is Universe reality, Member can't see that Zac operates from Universe reality, because he is in universe b.

i need to merge all realities.

(yes I recognize the bias above)

Now... what I'm missing here is this:
1)Your timeline
2)My timeline
3)Reality timeline (Power)
4)What is the BS spew timeline (buzzwords)
4)Your ideas
5)My ideas

The key here is that I can read Girlschase members timeline (mental operandi) easily. But because I have no idea how to get something out of it, I tend to be passive aggressive on the user.

Because I recognize that the user is selfish and will forever be selfish, while I recognize that I am selfish but I want to create win win situations. However, The user cannot sees that.

I still don't have the answer.

Lesson: I guess this is why we are where we are, politically worldwide.
I hope my post is clean. This is so so big.

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