1. I

    Cannot Decypher Girlfriend's "reasons" for breaking up - you guys will probably have a field day at me

    Oh man where do I start.. I've been with my girlfriend (23) and I'm (30) for 6 years and 2 months roughly and last friday she broke up with me and told me she's moving out within 1 to maximum 2 months. We live together in a single room in a shared flat in London and need to give 1m notice at...
  2. Eiswein

    Drama GF became friend with Crazy EX GF, Gameover?

    My girlfriend became friend with my crazy exgirlfriend and now ex is poisoning all, is gameover? for context neither of us know thatuntil two weeks ago,whenmisteriously she began to test me a lot
  3. theblackpanther

    How often should you see your gf?

    I'm one month into my relationship with my gf in college and things are currently going great. My question is, how often should I spend time with her? I know Girlschase says to hang with your girlfriend 2-3 times a week but I'm just wondering since me and her live in the same building, and it...
  4. theblackpanther

    Friendly GF

    Hey guys, in a bit of a predicament here. I’m a freshman(just turned 18 a couple of days ago) at a college where the ratio is 85% dudes and 15% girls(or something around that). Also, the campus itself is small as fuck, so I do have to be careful with my image. The good news is, I already...
  5. Surveyor

    Surveying the Topography

    Welcome to my humble journal. I intend to post updates more or less regularly, but not daily. I'm a freshman at one of the hottest colleges in the country. I waited to start until the world went back to being vaguely normal, so I'm already 20. If you recognize my profile picture, I'm pretty...
  6. ulrich

    Drama GF is jealous of my friends

    Hi everyone, I want to ask your opinion on a big mess that happened this weekend with my girlfriend of 1 year. Before starting, I need to point out that she is a very cute, smart and well-meaning person... buuuuut, she has lived a very sheltered life and as a result of her family overbearing she...
  7. Darius

    Handling girls you're seeing in social circle

    Hello everyone, There's this girl in my social circle I had sex a few times with. We aren't together by any means but she's very submissive towards me and since she's fairly young I'm pretty sure she isn't seeing anyone else. She's one of those naive girls, which to be honest I find very...
  8. mist

    Leonardo Dicaprio Aka Mr. Steal Yo Girl

    A funny video on what a high quality lover/provider has on a monstrously high value provider. Lmao Maybe Jeff will find girls chase and up his game.
  9. M

    I am ashamed of my ugly girlfriend

    The subject says it all. I'm almost thirty years old and I know I'm MUCH better looking than her. She's much younger than me but overweight and doesn't put any effort into her appearance. But I also have no game, despite trying many strategies, it's just not my thing... I see beautiful women...
  10. S

    How hard is it for an average guy to get laid and/or get a girlfriend in this day and age?

    This is the million dollar question. Obviously the answer cant be too easy because that takes alot of appeal out of this site and every average guy you see would have a gf. But not the case from what I seen. So what is it that you think?
  11. ulrich

    Moving too fast - How to fix?

    So I started doing daygame again after several years of focusing on bars and online. Very important information: My main goal is to get an amazing girlfriend. I’m full of banging mediocre girls for now. A couple of weeks ago, I grabbed the number of a super cute and super hot girl. She is...
  12. N

    Asking for advice about relationship

    Hello guys, so I have a hard to solve problem with my ex in front of me. We broke up about three monts ago. She dumped me for a colleague from her work. After that I started seeing other girls, I've dated three girls in the past two months but it was not the same. And we never stop seeing with...
  13. Eiswein

    Getting results but... Need pros help

    Good afternoon, Im getting lays but... i can't find a girlfriend, to some it can sound ridiculous but i didn't entered game to raise a score. I'm not a pro but i would say i'm very proficient at the early stages but when i try to move to something formal is starts to go downhill, at first I...
  14. F

    Visiting Waiting help

    Hi, I have a special and different case: When I was very young ages like 12 I have been abused and raped by older boys than me. And this has made change in my sexual drive. I have never had a girlfriend and suffered from difficult lone times. Now I am sure and believe that if I could have a...
  15. J

    Girlfriend, a coworker, and a wig... plus moving to my hometown? I dunno

    So, my girlfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship, coming up to be 1 year now. She's 32 and I'm 26. I receive investment consistently (e.g. phone calls, tag me in funny stuff on Facebook, blows me kisses over the phone, calls me “Bri Bri” the nickname she gave me, tells me she loves...
  16. J

    What Did She Really Say? One Man’s Cry to Understand Women

    Hello, my name’s Jibri. I understand women speak in code, especially around one another. I also understand women are not 100% honest or forthcoming in relationships. What’s the problem? I don’t know what my girlfriend really means when she says certain things to me. Hell, I don't know what most...
  17. J

    My girlfriend loves me more than I love her... so what's the problem you might say

    Hello, my name is Jibri. I've been dating my girlfriend, coming up to be a year now. She confessed to me, a while ago, that she feels like I don't love her as much as she loves me, though I tell her I love her. I've been reading and studying Girlschase articles in regards to love and...
  18. guidaccio05

    Should you have a baby at 25 as an aspiring entrepreneur?

    Girlschase has changed my life. I started reading the website at 17 years old and it was the only content that actually pushed me towards consistent results, which I will always be grateful for. I am currently in a conundrum and I hope this thread serves to help someone that has gone, is going...