inexperienced girls

  1. ulrich

    Long-Term Shy feminine girl LTR - What am I getting into?

    Hey guys, So I started dating this new girl who has everything I like in a woman. She is very feminine, beautiful and intelligent. The thing about her that strikes me odd (in a good way) is that she seems very shy and inexperienced. She is close to 30 but apparently only had a couple of long...
  2. Beck Bass

    Girl Just Won't Orgasm

    Hi there fellow seducers, I've been going out with a girl from Tinder that's super sweet, shy and totally my type (other than not having much booty lol). Even if she's shy, she gave me no resistance to touching her butt and kissing her in public (I think she's really into me). On our second...
  3. L

    FR Club game fiasco

    I’m sure you guys can enlighten me on the psychology behind this man’s behavior. My friends either couldn’t or feigned ignorance. So my friends and I are at the club. I look around and see one man in his 30s who’s my kind of my type. He’s there with a friend (or wingman?). I don’t do anything...
  4. L

    How can an inexperienced woman gain skill?

    If there are articles on this topic, then please give me some links! I read an article about how some women aren’t socially savvy which describes my behavior around men. I have no romantic or sexual experience, so it’s unsurprising. But the reason for that is dual: I’ve only ever been...
  5. W

    Dating inexperienced girls

    Are there extra advices on how to successfully game inexperienced women? As we all know they do not want to date any guy except guy they are 100% sure about. From my experience problem with inexperienced girls is that they often find something that do not like in man and are really too picky. I...