1. Spyce D

    Starting my career in sales ....

    In a couple of weeks .... I am going to get a job in sales. ( Won't go into much details about it except that it's an office job ) .... Cold calls will also be part of it . I have read some gc articles about the overlapping of sales and seduction and I will make full use of that . So , Any...
  2. killerman

    I'd Like to Book a (Service) Coaching in exchange for guitar lessons.

    I would be up for doing this. If there are any advanced level seducers here who want to learn how to play guitar who are also ok with giving coaching in seduction skills in return I'm 100% up for it. You teach me seduction, I teach you guitar skills. That's it. Anything you want to learn on...
  3. Y

    Has anyone's parents ever found out about you gaming / seducing ?

    I expressed my desire to NOT get married in my early thirties ( i am in my late twenties ) , because i did not want to be tied to a woman at such a prime age ( early thirties is a good peak for men imo ) and my mom freaked out and things turned somewhat ugly just wanted to know if any...
  4. W

    how playing video games influence on seduction

    Dear all, I want to ask you how really playing video games influence man’s training and performance in pick up and seduction as well as on his attractive traits… There are a lot of converses when it comes to playing video games in adults. Here is about myself: I am 30 years old. Do some...
  5. mist

    Hoe Hoe Hoe or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hoes

    @Don Giovanni @Destiny @madala @Surveyor
  6. C

    Crisscos Online Seduction Guide (FREE!)

    Hey everyone, I wrote this back in 2013 so it is a little bit outdated, but i still used some of the material online and in person on dates. Take the good, disguard the old. Have fun and enjoy. Table of Contents: Introduction Part 1 – From the computer to the phone: The Direct Opener Ask...
  7. W

    Need help!!

    Hey players! Last time I post was about confidence issue now i have over came it thanks to chase. Now issue is what I do if girl have boyfriend and I am just looking to get laid. Is there anyway I could misled her and make her cheat on her bf. Those woman are soo freaking hot I just can't...
  8. Calibration

    How to manage all the variables in a conversation?

    It's really frustrating when you've done everything right and the girl is also into you and you blurt out something which is a deal-breaker for the girl and it's game over :confused: There are hell lotta variables I need to be careful in saying. Again, it's not the same with every girl...
  9. mist

    Who Are Some Great Text Gamers To Model?

    TL;DR Basically What I did, What I’m doing, Why my question. I don’t particularly care what texting style they take as long as you have found it effective for you. You’re not limited to any medium. Can be a forum post, video, or a goddamn excel spreadsheet. Shoot :) Peace
  10. Henry

    Seduction Time Span

    Howzit all, hope you doin well. Chase & Co have written a few articles about how attraction has a finite time span, and how one should aim to escalate interactions with a specific girl faster rather than slower. How in the process do you not come off too strong? My fundamentals are strong and...
  11. S

    Seducing my friend

    Hello All, I am friend with a girl I met on Tinder.she has become a good frnd of mine and we talk sometimes over phone. In the lockdown period we are talking almost on a regular basis.I am greatly attracted to her. How to seduce and take her on bed?please suggest.
  12. C

    Has anyone played The Game The Game dating simulation? Thoughts???

    I was doing some research yesterday and I came across this link. This game is basically made by a feminist game developer simulating how a woman's daily life is by being approached by wannabe pickup artists at a bar as you try to...