Has anyone played The Game The Game dating simulation? Thoughts???


Space Monkey
space monkey
May 13, 2019
I was doing some research yesterday and I came across this link.

This game is basically made by a feminist game developer simulating how a woman's daily life is by being approached by wannabe pickup artists at a bar as you try to find your friends and is targeting the seduction industry. Apparently this game was made reading material of The Game Neil Strauss, Mystery Method, etc.

I played this game today and I gotta say the dialogue is pretty off. I'm sure some guys have said some awkward shit to them, but based on the dialogue, it's structured from "Hey" to spinning around the girl right away (when you hadn't even started a conversation with them), then having the coaches say "I love you" (probably as a joke) when you reject them and try to move on, them acting on you when you accidentally make eye contact with the dating coaches, then having them act like random cavemen "You! What's your name" which felt more like "You! Name!" I remember when Chase posted articles on how to build rapport with a girl, deep diving, and just getting her to trust you overall, yet in the game it has some random guy within seconds saying "I have this intuition, that we have this great connection going, you just feel so safe, so relaxed" I'm thinking we tell girls how they feel?? I don't remember ever telling a girl "you feel so safe around me" that's something I hear from the girls I talk to not the other way around.

The reason why I played this game is I wanted to see how accurate the interaction between man and woman is in this game, yet there always seems to be a dialogue where at the start, she just doesn't want to meet a guy and is trying to meet up with her friends, expressing distressing by being surrounded by guys. But perhaps that's just how women are, and some guys take a shot with girls like this anyways.

In my experience though, approaching girls who don't want to be approach doesn't pan out well. I had a friend who wanted to approach a group of 3 girls at the beach (I could tell they were a pretty closed group) and he didn't have much experience talking to girls. So he delivered his line which seemed normal, and the girls just quickly addressed him and moved on. However I'm still a beginner/intermediate when it comes to this so I could be wrong and maybe the more advanced seducers here could know more about this than I do.

All in all, it seems to me that the coaches represented in this game are very very uncalibrated. Except for the end where they have a group scene interaction. That one seemed normal.