A Black Man's Pragmatic Approach To Finally Have Sex With A Hot Girl


Space Monkey
space monkey
Nov 1, 2019
I've known about the pickup community for more then 10 years and in all that time I've never consistently documented my process which I suspect might be a reason why I've not experienced the success I want in this area of my life.

I've decided to start this journal to document all my attempts at improving my sex life going forward.

About Me:

- I'm 27 years old but when i shave my beard i can look as young as 16

- I discovered the seduction/pickup community when i was 14 years old

- I'm just over 6 feet tall

- I'm black and currently live in Canada

- I've fucked 7 women so far in my life (1 from daygame, 5 from night game and 1 from tinder)

- I've never had a girlfriend and I've never had sex with the same girl more then once (mostly by choice)

- I work from home so I have a very flexible schedule which allows me to go out to meet women pretty much anytime i want

- I do not have any male friends or any sort of social circle (mostly by choice); I spend my time either working from home, going clubbing alone or with my family.

My Goal:

- I've never actually had sex with a woman I was strongly attracted to; the 7 girls I've fucked where all girls that i fucked because they made it very easy for me.

- I've also never actually had an orgasm during sex; the 7 times i fucked i had issues straying hard (girl had to constantly suck it each time we switched position)
and i was unable to finish so at the age of 27 I've actually never ejaculated during sex only from masturbation.

- Given the above I have simple goal right now, I simply want to have sex with 1 girl I'm genuinely/strongly attracted to and I want to orgasm during the sex. thats all I want for now.

My Plan Going Forward:

- I currently go clubbing at least 4 times per week

- This week I want to start doing daygame at least twice a week as well

- I've hired legendary seducer Gunwitch to help me with online coaching

- I'm currently looking for an expert seducer here in Canada that can go out in field with me

- I'm currently experimenting with various supplements to deal with my erection/inability to orgasm during sex problem

- I'm currently experimenting with different nofap/masturbation/porn protocol to find an optimal approach given my goal

If anyone reading this has any suggestions that can help me achieve my goal faster, please let me know.


Space Monkey
space monkey
Nov 1, 2019
Update #1

Date: Sunday, November 3rd, 2019

Style: Night Game

NoFap Staus: I last released to porn at 11:31 AM on Tuesday October 29th, since then what I've done is every day right before i go clubbing or daygaming
I jerk off with porn right to the point where I'm about to release and then stop.


I arrived at the venue at 1:24 AM today.

Places in my city close at 2 AM so the place was already pretty much dead.

I had planned to go out much earlier today but I decided to go spend time with my family instead of going out early today.

Given that i work from home i can sometimes end up very isolated/lonely and i felt seeing my family today would be good for me.

So i want into the venue at 1:24 AM, this place is an arcade/bar with 2 floors.

As soon as I walk in I slowly walk around the entire venue both floors.

I always do this because i want girls to notice me and then my hope is that the girls who like me will then give me approach invitations or even approach me.

The place is completely dead but there are some girls who look pretty hot; it's an older crowd at this point,
most girls i saw looked 25+ maybe even 28+; i prefer girls 18-23 but if they're hot i dont really care.

After walking around the venue I position myself at one of the arcade games that is in a highly visible spot upstairs; my thinking by doing that is I want to be seen by as many people as possible so girls who like me can give me AIs.

I play the game for 5-7 min but then i realize there's not enough people left in this place and im running out of time

I decide to leave this first place and go to another place.

I go outside and take a cab and 2 min later I'm at the other place.

This venue is a kind of trashy (not in a dangerous way) bar with a mostly older 28+ crowd.

I walk in and do my slow walk around the entire venue and then go to the bar and order a drink.

I pretty much NEVER drink alcohol but i always buy a drink at this place because I've been called out before by bar staff for visiting venues weekly and never spending any money.

so this venue is even more dead then the first venue so i grab my drink and place it on a table; then i do another slow walk around the entire venue.

After that i wait and see if any of the few girls in the place that saw me will give me an AI; after waiting 3-4 min at my table and none of the girls giving any signs of interest I decide to go back to the first venue.

By this time its past 2 AM so i know they will not let me back inside but I like to wait outside clubs/bars at the end of the night as sometimes there are opportunities.

I got the 5th lay of my life back in June of this year when this white girl approached me outside a club at like 2:30-3:00 AM

so i take a taxi back to the first venue, when we park in front of the bar i see this brunette outside by herself; i think she was smoking but dont remember 100%.

I look at her from the car and i dont remember exactly but she made eye contact or at least noticed me looking.

Thinking back now a girl standing outside a bar after 2 AM on a sunday is probably horny and looking to get fucked so i should have probably approached her; i dont remember exactly what she looked like but she was probably a 6 or 6.5.

After 2-3 min the brunette gets in another taxi and leaves.

I pay my taxi and get outside.

So I'm waiting near the door outside the bar, I see this blonde standing inside and i get a gut feeling that she will like me.

I actually have this theory that real/pure blondes have a special/natural chemistry with black men. kind of am opposites attract thing.

Anyways, i cannot really tell what her face looks like but she is blonde, and seems to have a nice body.

So I'm standing outside for like 5-7 min but its cold so i decide to get inside a taxi that is parked in front of the club and wait in there.

After a few min, the blonde comes outside and tries to open my taxi door not realizing im in there.

The taxi driver rolls the window and tells her "i already have a passenger".

She looks at me through the window and says something like "can i share the taxi with you?"

Right away from this i know she likes me since there are literally 10 other taxis parked in front of this bar so no reason for her to take mine.

I ask her where she's going and its very close so its fine so I tell tell her"as long as you pay then yes"

this next part might not sound crucial to those of you reading but my experience and gut tell me it was a crucial moment

so when we agree to share taxis the fucking idiot/asshole taxi driver decides to unclok the front door instead of the back door so she can get in and sit next to him instead of me.

Even in the moment i knew this would hurt me but I was not sure what to do or say.

looking back now, this girl seemed very horny to me and seems to have a liking for black men; given the type of energy she had during the ride I'm convinced has she sat in the backseat next to me we would have probably both got very turned on just being next to each other and honestly i would say we might have even started making out and groping each other during the taxi ride.

anyways, she sits in front next to the cab driver, and 1 min later another blonde gets in the taxi and sits next to me (her friend).

Both the women looked 30+ maybe even 35+ so they where definitely NOT what I'm looking for but still would have been a good learning experience and confidence boost to at least make out with her had the fucking taxi driver not ruined it.

anyways, as we drive the girl is leading the conversation mostly. she asks me where I'm from, what is my name and at one point she even says "do you want to come party with us?"

unfortunately, during the ride she was also on the phone with another guy who we was meeting them where the taxi was taking us; she even told the guy on the phone "I'm with x (her friend) and this other guy (me)", she was basically telling the other guy that i was joining them.

I was not really attracted to her and i was not really prepared to deal with any sort of group scenario so I did not really show signs of interest when she asked if i wanted to come with them and when she told the guy on the phone i was coming.

her friend btw who sat next to me was texting on the phone the whole ride and did not really say anything.

so we get to their destination and they cannot find the guy and this point i know in my mind that im not going with them so I'm like "alright ladies, i need to go now", kind of telling them to get out and look for their guy on foot.

The girl opens the door and tries to leave, i tell the taxi driver "make sure she pays you", the driver tells he she needs to pay, she fucking turns and looks at me and say something like "he's paying", i laugh and say "why would i pay for you?", she's like "you need to pay half", im again amused that she really think i would do that and i tell the taxi driver "make sure she pays you".

Her friend decides to pay and they leave and the taxi takes me back to my hotel.

Looking back right now that fucking taxi driver killed a potential make out for me I'm sure of this, I just know there's no way that girl could have been sitting next to me and not become super horny given the way she was behaving during the ride and honestly had we started making out I would have probably become super horny myself and gone with them to meet the guy which I might have later regretted since I'm trying to stop this pattern i have of fucking women I'm not genuinely attracted to.

I've never had sex with a girl that looking back i really liked and had i fucked this girl the next day i would have probably been depressed that i still have not fucked any girl i really like; but then there's also the chance that fucking a girl in this scenario would have provided a big confidence boost that would help me then achieve my actual goal faster.

If i do a pros and cons list then in the end i think i would have been better off if the taxi driver did not fuck it up and that girl sat next to me at the back even if we ended up fucking.

that's all for today.

Monday to Wednesday i dont usually go out but I think this week I'm going to go clubbing every day.


Space Monkey
space monkey
Nov 1, 2019
Update #2

Date: Friday, November 8th, 2019

Style: Night Game

NoFap Staus: I last released to porn at 10:06 PM on Wednesday November 6th, since then what I've done is every day right before i go clubbing
I jerk off with porn right to the point where I'm about to release and then stop.


I arrived at the club at 10:59 PM

My gameplan for tonight was to simply do this exercise that Gunwitch taught me for AA and see what happens

In the past few weeks this excersise has helped me actually do a few approaches which is big for me since usually my AA is so bad that I just stand around hoping girls will approach me

The exercise is to simply look at girls I find attractive and try to make myself really horny by imagining how i would like to have sex with them in my own desired kinky way.

The actual exercise requires that you do this from somewhere the girl you are looking at cannot see you but I've modified the exercise and I actually check them out in a blatant way that is obvious to them.

So i spent most of the night doing this exercise.

unfortunately, despite doing this exercise I was not able to push myself to do any approaches tonight.

I did manage to get really horny twice while doing the exercise and horniness is like a magic pill for me; every time I approach a girl who gives me a boner from just looking at her it literally always goes well.

so I did manage to get a boner twice but both times it lasted like 1 min max.

also, no girl was giving me any indicator of interest while doing the exercise

usually, when I do this exercise at some point a girl who likes me will give me a big smile or something like that when i blatantly check her out; it never happened tonight.

I think something was off with my vibe.

I did very nearly get into a fight with this indian/arab/brown guy after he pushed me while i was going down some stairs but i managed to control myself and he ended up getting kicked out and the bouncers let me stay.

That incident negatively affected my vibe the rest of the night but even before that my vibe seemed off tonight.

I always know my vibe is off when really unattractive girls start hitting on me.

This super fat white girl walked by me as i did the exercise and said "you're beautiful"

On the nights i get the most interest from girls, it will be all attractive girls and the fat/unattractive girls wont come near me

My theory is that on nights when my vibe/demeanor/energy is off unattractive girls think they have a chance with me because i also appear lower value like them

thats my theory

Also, I did have one interaction with a girl tonight:

Towards the end of the night, i posted up near the washrooms and this exotic looking (white skin but clearly not a Canadian girl) called me and was like "my friend likes you".

Unfortunately, the friend was this chubby black girl so I was polite/friendly to them but did not pursue in any way.

thats about it for tonight.

I dont remember any clear approach invitations or signs of interest from any legitimately hot girls tonight which is abnormal for me at this club.

I'm currently in between apartments and have not been in the gym in probably more then a week which might be affecting my vibe/demeanor somehow.

Another interesting thing about tonight is this white girl I fucked back in June was actually in the club tonight; she was dressed in a very slutty/sexy mini skirt and actually looked hotter then i remember.

I felt bad seeing her because she was very nice to me the night we fucked and then i later saw her at this same club in September and she came up to me and i totally ignored her; I was in a weird mood that night and looking back now she did not deserve that and i felt bad tonight when i saw her.

After how i ignored her back in September she did not attempt to interact with me tonight.

As i sit here writing this I actually dont care about the bad night with girls; i keep thinking of the brown guy who pushed me on the stairs.

In my now 6+ years of going clubbing for 3-5 nights per week I've never had somehow push me or do something like what this guy did; I hope i never see him again because i know i will probably lose it and attack him on sight. I only controlled myself on the stairs because i knew we where within eyesight of the bouncers and I've already been banned from the other top club in the city on Friday's for fighting. I knew if i punched this guy I would get banned from this club too and then i would not have any good spots to go to on Friday nights.

Another thing I remember about tonight is towards the end of the night at like 1:40 AM i decided to go check out the dancefloor; i almost never step foot on the dancefloor but I've always been curious about it and I've wanted to learn how to properly do dancefloor game but I dont think its a match for my personality.

I actually plan on spending a significant amount of time on the dancefloor tomorrow.

A lot of times when I have a night like tonight where my vibe is off and no attractive girl gives me a clear AI, the next night my vibe usually bounces back and I have the opposite happen where a lot of girls seem to like me so hopefully tomorrow will be a much better night.


Space Monkey
space monkey
Nov 1, 2019
Update #3

Friday, November 15th, 2019

Style: Night Game

NoFap Staus: I last released to porn at 12:30 AM and 12:57 AM on Thursday November 14th


I arrived at the club at 1:17 AM

This is very late for my city since clubs here close at 2:00 AM

I had an incredibly busy week with work and I decided to go spend time with my family tonight instead of going out earlier since nothing brings me more happiness then spending time with them.

I've recently decided that I'm going to spend the next few several weeks experimenting with dance floor game.

I decided to wear my nicest/most high end/expensive looking clothes tonight

Usually i dont like to dress too fancy because I've found that it strangely has a negative effect on my vibe and makes me feel more self conscious.

But I felt for dance floor game it would be helpful to look high end.

So i walk in at 1:17 AM.

After going to the washroom, I walk to a few high visibility spots in the club and pose for a few sec so girls can notice me

After posing at a few spots I head to a spot on the dancefloor i had already scouted in advance a few weeks ago

I dont think this spot is great but I think it's a good starting point for someone like me

The spot faces the dancefloor but in a way where no one is behind you and then there's a path exiting the dancefloor right in front of you

My plan was that the spot would allow me to open girls as they exit the dance floor

I was hoping the packed dance floor would provide the anonymity I need to overcome a big issue stopping me from approaching which is the fact that I always feel like im being watched and that if i open a girl and she rejects me everyone around me will see it

Anyways, so i position myself at this spot

There's all these other black guys that have already occupied the area but i simply place myself directly in front of one of them which blocks his view and within 2-3 min the guy behind me and 2-3 other guys leave the area.

This is what i always do when people are in a spot in the club that i want; i simply stand directly in front of them and wait for them to leave which they almost always do quickly since they dont want to spend a long time looking at my back.

So i now am positioned at this spot.

This young black guy is dancing with a fat unattractive badly dressed white girl on my right; it always pains me to see other black guys give attention to these unattractive white girls.

there's something about seeing a fellow black guy who i know could do better settle for a white girl like that who doesn't even put in the effort to dress well.

so there's this guy and then there's a large group of black guys dancing like crazy in a circle of like 10 guys and no girls, there's a really tall black guy who plays on one of the college basketball teams in my city; he's with 2 unattractive black girls and 1 slightly above average girl who's ethnicity im not sure of.

I've been disappointed several times when I've seen the quality of girls college athletes i've seen at the club are with; it seems in my city being college baller does not guarantee high quality.

so I'm just on the dancefloor leaning against a railing, just standing there with low awareness radius.

I'm not dancing and I look a combination of bored,annoyed and slightly angry.

Strangely, this is the vibe that seems to work best for me in clubs.

These 2 asian girls start dancing to my right really close to me, they keep bumping into me.

This black guy moves in to talk to them and one of the girl says to him "that's my boyfriend" speaking of me as she bumps into me.

When she does this i look at her but its so dark that I cannot really tell what she looks like except that she is asian, short and not fat.

These 2 girls kept dancing near me and bumping into me several times for like 10-20 min.

Several black guys opened them during that time and eventually they both just left.

The fucked up thing is I really like asian girls and they like me.

I lost my virginity to an asian girl and the closest I ever came to feeling love for any girl was also another asian girl.

To me the right Asian girls have the most beautiful faces.

Unfortunately, I have massive issues approaching, when these 2 girls where bumping into me I never even thought about talking to them; i just kept ignoring them hoping they would open me.

After these 2 asian girls left, 2-3 more girls came and just stood directly near me and i just ignored them hoping they would open me.

t's embarrassing really but thats been my problem for years.

If i could fuck just 10% of the girls who hover near me in clubs like these girls did, my sex life would be great.

Another thing I remember about tonight is these 2 black guys kept trying to talk to me saying how i looked like one of them.

I have no interest at all in interacting with men when i go clubbing so I always find it very annoying when guys come up to me.

Another thing I want to note is that dance floor game has one major issue i already dont like which is other guys constantly in your personal space and bumping into you as they dance or move around; I hate having men in my personal space but the dance floor is inherently crowded to the point you by default have people in your personal space.

What Is My Plan Going Forward?

I need to go out early enough tomorrow to have time to do the gunwitch exercise that helps me approach.

My gut tells me dancefloor game can eventually work well for me so I'll be on the dancefloor a lot tomorrow as well.


Space Monkey
space monkey
Nov 1, 2019
Update #4

Saturday, November 16th, 2019

Style: Night Game

NoFap Staus: I last released to porn at 12:30 AM and 12:57 AM on Thursday November 14th

Pregame: I spent 12 min at 12:25 AM thinking (without paper) and coming up with a gameplan for tonight

Clothing: high end/nicest clothes i own


I arrived at the club at 1:02 AM

As soon as i walk in as I'm walking, i feel someone pushing me from behind.

I dont look back and just push back but harder.

A few steps later, the person pushes again like they are trying to walk by me

I turn around and its this girl I fucked back in May.

She had approached me while i was standing at the bar and around 30 min later we where fucking.

This girl is the hottest girl i ever fucked for sure, I consider her a 6.5 because she has one major flaw

she has a massive tattoo on her back and i absolutely hate tattoos

it's my biggest turn off by far, if she didn't have that tattooo to me she would be a 7.5 or even an 8 maybe even more actually.

I remember once i ran into her at another club and she was in this outfit that really showed off her ass and legs and i was shocked by how hot she looked that night.

We had great sexual chemistry and she started crying after we fucked because she said she really liked me but knew by my vibe/attitude i was just looking for a one night stand.

We actually ended up meeting again after that night but unfortunately in the end things did not end well between us.

Looking back now she was a really nice girl and seemed for some reason to really like me instantly, I probably would have kept seeing her but honestly tattoos are that big a deal for me; I could never keep any sort of ongoing relationship with a girl with tattoos.

so I notice its her pushing me so i stop and let her walk by and never saw her again tonight.

As always, I walk in and slowly walk around the whole club posing 3-4 times at high visibility spots so girls can notice me

After that I head to the dancefloor.

I had come up with a plan tonight to do the gunwitch excersise on the dancefloor and see what happens but weirdly the club was already dead tonight when i got in so not enough girls on the dancefloor to really do the excersise

So i end up doing what i always do, I stand with very aloof body language like I'm better then everyone and wait hoping girls will approach me

I do this for 25 min and no girl approached me but I do remember a blatant/clear approach invitation when this girl came and stood directly next to me then turned and just stared at me before walking away when i just ignored her hoping she would open me

After around 25 min of standing on the dancefloor i decide to walk to go to the washroom,

So I'm in the washroom drying my hands after washing them, the way the washrooms are in this club, its open
and the girls bathroom is right besides and they can see you as you dry your hands.

As I'm drying my hands, this attractive brunette is walking towards me and she just stares at me the whole way,
she is holding eye contact for like 5 sec and only breaks it when she enters the girls bathroom...

She had a sexy but nerdy look that i like, hot but with glasses....to me it was clear that she liked me so i decide to wait near the washroom for her to come out

Maybe that was a bad move but i was thinking that her level of interest was so high that any points i would lose by waiting near the washrooms would not be a big deal

So I'm standing near the exit waiting for her for like 8-15 min.

As I'm waiting for her I can honestly say that the vast majority of girls who walked by would make clear eye contact and some would make eye contact and smile at me.

Sometimes when i hit the right combination of vibe (by far the most important aspect) + looks (less important for me)....sometimes when i get the right combination of these 2 things, i will experience periods in the club where it literally feels like every girl in the club is showing me signs of interest

Anyways, 8-15 min later she comes out of the washrooms and i walk directly up to her face to face and I dont really remember what i said...something like "i saw you when you went in, you're very attractive i was waiting for you"....something like that...she doesnt say anything and just keeps walking...she never really stopped walking.....so i grab her hand and (lightly) try to pull her towards me as say something like "come talk to me"....she resists and tries to say something but she's like stuttering almost like she is speechless, i let go of her hand and she walks away.

This rejection seemed to destroy the nice vibe i had going before.

First, i almost got in a fight when i violently pushed this half black guy who bumped me as i was about to walk by him.

Secondly, I went from feeling like every girl was looking at me before the rejection to feeling pretty much invisible after.

Towards the end of the night I did have this hot brunette who came up to me and she's like "is this the coat check line?" as she's smiling...she did this even though it was clear by the people in line where the coat check line was...and then after she got her coat as she's walking by she's like "thank you".....i dont consider this type of behaviour a blatant sign of interest but i would say 70% she was interested and 30% chance she was just drunk and acting stupid.

thats pretty much it.

Terrible night.

What Is My Plan Going Forward?

I'm going to focus on daygame for the next 5 days.

My plan for now is to do nightgame only on weekends and daygame during the week

I've been doing nightgame for so many years and the results have been awaful, im hoping daygame will be better for me.

Also, next weekend when i do nightgame I need to get there way earlier, I seem to have better nights recently when I'm in the club for the full
4 hours as supposed to only the last hour like i did this week.