Adapting to covid: 2 "night game" tactics. And a mindset.


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Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
So a lot of whining is being done on covid in here and how everything is harder blah. Needless to say seasonality affects things the late months but i think its escalated too much now. I agree w @Warped Mindless on his comments.

A key one should do is to take seriously the drop in results and adapt to the conditions. This means to look at the opportunities that arise. They always do. but you need to get out of your usual waterholes to investigate new ideas.

The point is that its not radically harder. A large part of it is that it is a new scenario and you usual tactics sucks and your intel that is out of date. When traffic at the waterholds decline - go where it reemerges. figure out timings. Look at the change of moods and incentives. etc etc.

Two tactics
So here two such tactics i and others are using in the light of corona lockdowns:

1) In my country bars close for giving out drinks at 10, and closes down the bar at 11 due to government restrictions. Its cold as f these days - winther time So the opportunity here is optimally "friday bars mode" with a precise timing of later afternoons to early night for the evolvement of things (more chaos later, more urges later, more spread across sets later etc etc). As anyone with a lust for going our or just socialising will be in various bar or lounge locations. And they go there to hide and cozy up from the snow. This creates a very good times mood in the bars. An across my city - a global capital, fridays bars are packed with people. Just yesterday the place i was in had more chick groups than guys and i had eye contact moments all night. And often fast pulls or after parties at mine are so easy to seed in cause people dont wanna go home. Manage logistics right and you have new model.

2) The private party scene explodes and you could thus aim at Social circle type seduction models more for this one. I have yet to see anything proper on social circle strategies in here beyond my own but GC is not equipping your here so go look at some of the best resources here. Taking a lovesystem approach and adding my outlines as well as other skilled people in various places is a good start.

You can use this female circle building tactic in 1) to extend or build 2). Ive argued before to add friend building to your dos when you go out. With specific friend building around clubs your club network could provide for access from where more SCs and party scenes will open. As they from its a strong opportunity to position yourself as the top of the hierarchy and get status.

Also eg. for masks reality pace the situation around it and lead mindsets w her. use it to open - something me and @Bacchus eg. has developed RPs for.

Needless to say each model needs to be developed but ive used the materialise > verbal techs/second gen escalation > bait and lay/ or vibe her to strong sexual activation originally (outlined well in FRs by @Bacchus which i merged with my own/cozy things) and ive also used radiating sexual intent and presence > hows your night/you guys look like the party > soi stacking > to close.. Just yesterday pulling a hot one.
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Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Nov 20, 2012
Important Sidenote:

In my country, people do get caught from private parties above 5 counts of people. And cameras are common in my nation near residence.

Too much private party at a fixed location and get ready to be likely fined.

TLDR: Know your country laws as well and work around it.