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Beck Bass

Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Mar 9, 2020
So, this is a bit of a different report, as this is the same girl I wrote a FR a week ago about our first date.

Anyways, this girl I met on Tinder, travelled around the world, Japan, France, Russia, and stuff like that, I immediately bond with her as she speaks English and other languages (most people here in Brazil are lazy as fuck and only know basic English as an obligation). Also, her face is beautiful, at least for me, even though I'm more into thicc girls (she's like really thin, half my weight).

Our first date ended in some kissing and over-the-clothes action, she seemed excited and wanting to meet me again. I invited her over to my house the next day, and she accepted (I gave her some excuse as "teaching her guitar", as she was learning that, I've played bass and other instruments for more than 10 years), but logistics got fucked up and I had to cancel (mostly my sister, that I share the appartement with, being an ass).

She said she wanted to visit a bar she didn't know, so Tuesday, the first day of the week it's open, she wants us to go there (I can tell this girl is hungry for my D). I of course accept, even though I'm kinda broke by the end of the month.

I get there, and she's already waiting (she said reservations had a limit of 10 minutes to be late, so I tried to get there soon, and I got like 2 minutes late or something). We enter, she's kinda nervous, there's some stupid plants on the sides of our table (decoration/stuff to keep people more "isolated" in a bar lol), we order and we just keep on talking, just like our first date.
This time I couldn't even touch her properly, other than her hands, so there's a bit of a weird vibe. She says that this place used to have great drinks, and terrible food, but now she says it's reversed, since her drinks were terrible and the food was great (tbh my drinks were good, at least the frist one, some Scotch with mango drink, love me some whisky, the other was some weird iteration over Pina Colada with lemon, go figure).

We are close to some local hip bars I'm used to go that serve beer, and she's complaining there's no beer there, only fancy, bad drinks. So I suggest we bounce and go to this nearby bar I really like. She accepts, we pay and leave. We get there and get some beer, I had to pee, so I leave her waiting a bit lol

After that, we grab our beer and move to the front of this club that's now closed, there's a lot of grass and vegetation growing in the front garden, you can tell the place is abandoned. Quite a weird feeling, is you ask me, as this was a place that led me to many advancements on my night game and some crazy pulls.
Somehow being alone with this beautiful girl in front of this place making out turns me on quite a bit, I didn't tell before, but she was quite overdressed, wearing some high heel boots and some sexy clothing (she thought she reserved some more intimate, more expensive bar that was a "sister bar" to this one we went, it was upstairs, but the employees didn't knew anything, it was closed, apparently she reserved the wrong one lol), so I felt like a boss with this sexy hoe in my arms, even though none's looking, pretty much lol.I talked to her before and she confessed she also got quite turned on, she told me she also used to go there, and, for some reason, we just making out in front of one of our old favorite clubs was really hot.

She offers to drive me home, and I joke how we gonna get freaky on the backseat... She seems to dismiss it, but, little did I know, we ended up doing some cool shit back there ;)

She takes me home, then when I'm going to leave, we start making out, as she was giving me a goodbye kiss.
Almost everytime we make out, I can tell she's the one that wants to keep on kissing, I'm kinda just leaving her wanting more, and it seems to work.

We make out more, she tells me she needs to leave because of curfew and whatnot, I tell her we should go to the backseat to be more confortable, she tells me we're right at the entrace of my building. I tell her if she can't drive a bit more to the front, then she stops, thinks a bit about it, and just does it. We make out a bit more, and I just kinda jump to the backseat, and tell her to follow me.

She comes.
She gets on top, we're making out, shit is going down.
Eventually she just takes my cock out and starts giving me a handjob, it hurts a bit because she's being too rough and rubbing against my clothes, but I don't feel like telling her, I want her to go further.
I also start fingering her, but she complains it's rough, I start going slower, then she seems to get really turned on, and just starts sucking my cock (also hurt me a bit because she gave me some teeth, I can tell I'm gonna have to teach this girl quite a bit lol).
I start wanting to put it inside of her, but she says it's too unconfortable there, and she was right, it was quite hard for her to get on top of me already.
So we just kiss each other goodbye and then I go home.

The next day, I send her: "hey japs, how you doing?"
She replies: "good evening sansei, im great and you?"
So I ask her when she coming to my "dojo" so I can teach her some stuff, she says when I invite her.
I ask her when she's free, she tells me maybe Saturday, if she doesn't travel (she told me about that travel before on our date).
So I tell her to hit me up when she's free.

So Friday night she sends me a message to let me know she's free the next day.
I tell her if she wants to come over to be thrown on my "mat", she replies something like "lol ok", she suggests to come over at 8PM, I'm like, great, I ask her if she would like some wine, she says that she would like it, yep.

So next day I go and buy some wine and some snacks (cheese puffs?) for us to eat.
Half an hour before our date, she texts me she's gonna be late, but she arrives shortly after.
She asks me how to enter my place, I tell her I'm gonna go get her.

She seems a bit nervous, but much more confortable than in our first date.
We get on my appartment, I try to get her confortable, I have some music on quietly on my room, I tell her to seat by the couch, and I get us the stuff to eat. I also get the wine bottle, but I'm having trouble to open it lol (long time I haven't shared one with a girl :( )
I ask her if she wanna watch something, we're scanning through my Netflix and she tells me she never watched Brooklyn 99, I tell her, ok, we gotta watch this then.

We drink wine and kiss a bit, chat more, kiss, rinse and repeat.
Eventually I start getting her clothes off, she starts rubbing my cock with my clothes on still.
Shortly after we're just on our underwear and she ask me if she can suck my cock. I ask her if she likes sucking some D, she tells me that yep, she does, in a kinda shy way. I tell her to please start it already, I love oral sex lmao
Her teeth often would find it's way into my cock, so I complain a bit, in a loving way, telling her to chill and go a bit slower, she's like, I'm tryiiiing lol (she does have some big, beautiful teeth, her smile really seduced me, big time)

After that I tell her I need a condom, to see if she was dtf on that moment, she tells me "ok, sure".
I grab a condom in my room and go back to the couch, I put it on on my way there and she's looking at my cock, she seems pretty horny.
I kinda just sit on the couch and she gets on top, I put it in, and she starts bouncing like crazy fast lol (I have a feeling this girl doesn't have that much experience).

Still, it's a lot of fun.
I tell her if she doesn't wanna go to my room, she complies again.
Then she gives me some crap for the crappy futon I sleep on, she tells me "when you told me you would throw me in the mat, I didn't knew you were talking literally lol"
I tell her I just rather sleep on the ground, then I throw her (gently) on the ground and get on top of her, she seems even more turned on right now.

So we just fuck and fuck, give each other oral and masturbation, but it's reaaally warm, being summer here, and I still haven't bought a fan for my room, so it gets a bit exhausting. It was fun, even though neither of us came, really (I asked her if she took long to cum, she told me that yes, she took quite a while to get there, I ask her if she masturbated and stuff like that, she said that yes, so I'm guessing it's not necessarily that she's like a big prude or doesn't have much of a sex drive, she seemed to really enjoy sucking my cock, but I really think she's a bit inexperienced and we need to work more on our sex for it to get better. Also I need to buy a fan or some other form of ventilation lol, my friend also complains a lot about having sex here in the summer - generally I would be able to make the girl cum fast and this wouldn't be that much of problem, but still).

After a while she tells me she's gotta bounce, it's like 1:30PM and she lives with her mom (even though she told me she was travelling). I told her she could sleep there, but tbh I don't know if my sister would be a big fan of that...
My sister also got mad that I took this girl home, giving me that corona excuse as to why I shouldn't be bringing girls home, even though I went on two dates with this girl in the past week (obviously that isn't the issue, my sister is pretty unsocial for the most part, when we lived with our parents, she wouldn't live her room when there was people visiting to not have to greet people).
So it's really a tough situation to be in, I need her to split the rent of our appartment, and in general she's a good "roommate" (we each have our own rooms), but I can't take anyone there without making her a bit mad, at least.
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