1. Beck Bass

    Girl Just Won't Orgasm

    Hi there fellow seducers, I've been going out with a girl from Tinder that's super sweet, shy and totally my type (other than not having much booty lol). Even if she's shy, she gave me no resistance to touching her butt and kissing her in public (I think she's really into me). On our second...
  2. Beck Bass

    LR Beautiful Slit-Eyed Girl From Tinder

    So, this is a bit of a different report, as this is the same girl I wrote a FR a week ago about our first date. Anyways, this girl I met on Tinder, travelled around the world, Japan, France, Russia, and stuff like that, I immediately bond with her as she speaks English and other languages (most...
  3. Beck Bass

    LR Using Some Silly Meme to Sleep With My Crush From University

    I was at a university party with my buddy, I had already made out with a bunch of chicks (I tend to lose memory in those crazier parties, drinking lots of Vodka Redbull, good thing my friend keeps counting lol), one of them being from one of my classes (I just told her to meet me using IG...
  4. L

    A Woman Speaks: Should I give up on this man?

    I’m a 23 year-old woman. Zero romantic or sexual experience. I‘m into a nerd-professor type of man who’s approached me several times, initiated physical contact, unbreaking eye contact only, generally shown interest in a clumsy (romantic aggressive) way. This site has given me lots of insight on...
  5. B

    LR Daygame eventual lay

    Approach: So I saw this woman sitting by herself at a lawn at my university. I had already had a pretty regular day of like 4 quick rejects so was not expecting anything to happen. With this one I didn't immediately approach, in fact I went to sit on a lawn chair like a few feet away. I...
  6. WittyJester

    Why I’m depressed(My story)

    Went to therapist and they didn’t offer any advice so I’m posting this here I’m 20 and feel stupid for only talking 1-2 females from ages 14-19. Now I’m 20 with no sexual experience, no party experience and very little social experience. How am I supposed to be good at sex with no experience at...
  7. ZacAdam

    I figure women out. Haha. They so fucking predictable.

    Hi Guys, Have you guys ever heard from girls about her tribe, the day after you sleep with her? This is important. I was thinking. In the past, Men send women home and it was cool. Today, you send her home and/or you send her a text and you get death stares from her tribe. Worse, you get a...
  8. J

    I Dumped my Ex Girlfriend and Would Like to Get Her Back

    The situation is I never had sex with my ex girlfriend. I dumped her a few days ago and would like to get her back. I know to succeed in getting her back, I must have sex with her. However, she has unfriended me on Facebook and ignored my two calls yesterday. I know to not pursue her and focus...
  9. ZacAdam

    Online & Apps The Source OF Women Instagram Hoe-ing

    I hope this helps. Inspired to add into Chase notes, Girlschase notes. z@c+
  10. Beck Bass

    LR Daredevil Destroys Little Blondie from Carnival

    So it was Carnival down here in Braziland, and pretty much everyone left my city and went to the beach, which I totally couldn't do as I was fucking broke (as always). Anyway at Saturday this girl from Tinder messaged me saying she was at some bohemian known place having some beer and asked me...
  11. S

    Is there a way I can decrease my sex drive? If so how?

    I just have really high sex drive and it messes with my ability to focus and I can do anything else. Is their a way that hopefully isn't expensive where I can decrease it?
  12. MrRapo

    LR Cookie girl – Two dates (Daygame)

    Background I’ve approach this girl, a while back during the day infront of the library. I have written about this girl before in my journal. You can read there on what exactly happened during the approach. Lets call her Cookie, because when I approached her she was eating a cookie. In January...