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Sep 4, 2020
Hello all!
This is my first post ever on this forum so go easy on me. I found GC back in 2013 or 14 and have read Chase's work on and off for years. I've only recently started actually attempting to better my game and actually focus on making a science out of pickup though.

This past Friday, I (21) met this girl (21) at my gym and we instantly hit it off. However, I learned after talking to her for a bit that she is SUPER CHRISTIAN... Let me rewind for better context.

The first time we met, she approached me and asked to work in on deadlifts because the gym was packed out. I graciously agreed of course because she has a super attractive body. Anyways, I take every trip to the gym pretty personally, because I went from being 25lbs overweight to being in great shape. So, when I'm at the gym, I'm there to work. That being said, this girl and I are locked on the same barbell, taking turns lifting and pulling weights on and off while I am more or less minding my own business with my earbuds in. She then proceeds to ask me for help on her form. Surprised, I jump at the opportunity in front of me and begin walking her through proper form, how to grip the bar, blah blah blah. We end up striking up a conversation and it turns out she goes to the same college as me. We brush over a variety of topics, including the fact that she is very religious, goes to a youth group, and a bunch of other church stuff. She then begins telling me about how she plays tennis. I connect with her on this and tell her that I also played varsity tennis for my high school. Immediately, she suggest that we should play sometime, so I take the hint and ask her for her number. I grab the digits, wrap up the conversation, and finish my workout.

Three or so hours later, I shot her a text that said, "hey, (insert my name) from the gym. Great meeting you! Lets play tennis this weekend if you're free"

She responded the next day (Sat.) saying that she wanted to play today. Unfortunately, the weather was shit though so I said I'd rather wait until the weather clears up. She agrees and recommends we play the following week due to her work schedule on Sunday.

I then see her again as she is leaving the gym in her car Sunday, she hops out, gets my attention as I'm walking in, and we strike up a quick conversation. I basically told her that was excited to play this week, make a joke about her following me to the gym, then wrap it up and go in for a workout.

Following this, on Monday, I reconnect via text and say that Wednesday will work and she agrees.

Sooooo, its obvious that this girl is into me, but the issue is, I don't know how to turn this meet up towards a sexual vibe. Currently, I am working through Chase's Rookie Challenge, so I am not the best with knowing what to do in these situations yet. Also, it doesn't help that this girl made her christian beliefs very blatant. The goal here for me is to get some practice under my belt, but I would also like to hook up with this girl if possible. She has a cute personality and turns me out for whatever reason. What is the play here? How do I turn a damn tennis meet up sexual, and how do I hook up with this girl despite her beliefs?

Tony D

Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Jul 26, 2018
You're new, so I won't go easy on you... hehe. I'm Tony, one of the writers and coaches here.

This girl opened you, escalated, and closed you. Everything here is green light. All you have to do is not seem too eager (needy) and not mess it up.

You need to move this from friends, to lovers.

How? My friend, this is called GAME.

The easiest way is to make her laugh, touch her alot, and try to kiss her. And do this as early as possible.

Make her reject, friendzone, or get with you. She is not likely to do any more of the heavy lifting.

You can spend some time with her playing tennis or lifting, but at some point early on, you must make it clear you want to date, fuck, kiss, or something.

"Wow, you look really cute when you play/lift etc."

Every heard of cocky funny? Do lots of that. Lots of touch (kino), and try to get her alone.

There's lots of stuff out there on escalation. What you don't want to do is go play sports with her, and go home without her knowing you're an actual man with a dick and balls, and not just a "friend" or activity partner.


Space Monkey
space monkey
Sep 11, 2019
Take her on an instant date after tennis, tell her "I'm starving, wanna grab something to eat?" after you're done playing.
Make sure you sit right beside her, not opposite of her, get physical early on otherwise it's gonna get awkward afterwards, get physical real quick and get physical and even more physical but not in a rude ape-like way, do it naturaly, whilst talking or examining her stuff, her bracelet, whatever. Greet her with a hug and a kiss or whatever, girls do that all the time and it's natural to them.

The food part worked for me once, kinda same story as you, a girl was too obviously into me, she was from out of town and agreed to come to my area to go "jogging" with me. We ended up "plowing" after dinner.


Space Monkey
space monkey
Aug 4, 2014
So far so good. She’s into you.

Go for the close on the first date, and even if you’re (she’s) successful, that will be the last time. You decide whether you want that.

Christian girls want the D as much as any. You just need to make that need fit in her worldview. If she wants to wait until the third date, well you’ve waited for 7 years, lol. If she wants to get engaged or married first, move on.

Di Carlo Escalation Ladder is great for giving her the excuse of “it just happened!”