LR Daredevil Destroys Little Blondie from Carnival

Beck Bass

Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Mar 9, 2020
So it was Carnival down here in Braziland, and pretty much everyone left my city and went to the beach, which I totally couldn't do as I was fucking broke (as always).

Anyway at Saturday this girl from Tinder messaged me saying she was at some bohemian known place having some beer and asked me if I wanted to join. Since I was going at a nearby club later anyway I decided to show up. By her ig I knew she was some artistic redhead chick, there was not a whole lot of photos of her so I assumed she must be a bit chubby, and indeed she was, but her face was kinda cute (she's not the girl this report is about, but you will soon understand).

I got there with a friend and she was very friendly, we started kissing almost immediatly as I just felt she was down to it. I told her I had to go to this club with my friends and she told her friend she wanted to go. Her friend didn't, so she thought a bit and then just followed me and my friend in there.
When we got there I found my other friends and greeted them (one of the girls there was a friend of friend I boned a while ago, so there was some awkwardness lol), then I just asked her if she wanted to sit with me away from the dancefloor, as she just didn't seemed interested in dancing with my friends.

We sat and continued our tongue-down-your-throat session, she wasn't super hot but she was wearing no bra and clearly horny (I even pinched her nipple almost instintively once, she faked some shock but I knew she liked it). She randomly started drawing stuff on me with her nankin pen (which girl doesn't have one ready at her purse?!?) and we talked about sex a lot. She told me to do my bdsm test in this site and showed me hers, a total ropebunny brat. Also she made it clear that my ig profile sold her on me, I really try to sell this "I don't give a fuck fuckboy" thing with that "human player" side to it, you know.

All the while this was happening, there was this blonde girl dressed as a bride in front of me watching me swallow this girl alive, I could tell she was getting horny watching me lightly choke the redhead girl while we were kissing. She just wouldn't stop eye fucking me as I kissed the other girl. Eventually I just kinda got tired of kissing her and tried to pull, she was also showing signs she wanted to sleep. She said she lived by herself but gave me some half baked excuse as why she would sleep alone, I didn't even insist as there were many hotter girls there and some of them were giving me pretty strong signs of attraction, so I just kissed her goodbye and went to the dancefloor.

My friends were there dancing, but the girls there didn't seem much game, and the bride was in the back of my mind, like she was there waiting for me. I told my friend I needed some air and we both left to where she was. I didn't exactly knew how to approach her at first as now she was sitting with her two friends and seemed engaged in their convo, so I just told my friend to take some pics of me there (I was wearing little demon horns in my head, pretty fitting for a daredevil like me, I would say). Soon enough she was looking at me again, but some gay dude called for me, telling me to sit at her friend's side.

His friend was a cute girl, but she was a bit tall for me (I was taller than her, but not by much, generally I prefer smaller girls). She was also really drunk. We kissed quite a bit and she was like "no, it doesn't work, our mouths don't fit, you see?", pointing to our mouths. Her friend told her she should try again and I just kissed her slower this time, since she clearly was too drunk to notice what was going on properly, and she seemed happier. Again, blonde girl was watching everything, but this time my friend started to try and talk to her and her group. Apparently he asked her if they were single, and she said "nope". Later she told me she said that because some annoying ugly cowboy dude was hitting on every girl there, and she wanted distance from him. My friend also made a bit of fun of me for the kissing thing with the other girl, like "oh he's a bad kisser", and I was thinking like, "are you really gonna try and sweep on me bitch? are you out of your mind?", then I just said in a sarcastic way, "yeah, I reaaally don't know how to kiss ;)", as my mouth was almost dripping with the saliva of those other two horny girls. I then sat by blondie's side and she asked me my name, I was opening my mouth to say it but she randonly said she needed to pee and ran over to the bathroom. And I was like "wtf". Later she told me I just sat there like a statue and didn't even look at her, I don't remember this being the case, but whatever (I think she was just being dramatic and wanted me to manhandle her or some shit, I don't fucking know).

Anyways after she disappeared we returned to our friends in the dancefloor, my friend approached a cute young tatooed chick so I just tried to be a good wing and distract her friend/sister/can't remember. She was cute, but looked too distracted/not too attracted, and I was feeling lazy after all these girls, so I just watched my friend and his girl and she left.

Later that night we returned to the place were blondie was watching me, and as things are, there she was, but she was leaving already. I eyefucked her quite hard and then she just waved me to go talk to her, I asked for her ig and she put it in my phone, really low key. She left and I returned to my friend: "She gave you her contact? No way, I thought she had boyfriend!".

Anyways she sent me a message before I could even send anything, telling me she also found me attractive (I believe I told her that before I asked for her ig, intent is important, you know). We start talking about how we wasted out opportunity to be together there, and that type of stuff. She comments about the "fuckboy" in my ig profile, how she liked that at least I was honest, and that there's no feminine version of that, that girls are just tagged as sluts. She tells me she's a men "sommelier", giving hints that she has some experience (a bit before she told me she was 19, but I've been with some girls that were 18 and had quite the baggage), so I just act nonchalant and tell her how I think it's unfair how sexist the world is. On Sunday I posted some silly ass story telling my friends to be safe, with a pic of one of my XL condoms (I have one as the cover of one of my highlights, just so you get an idea of what my ig looks like), which she replies to right away, telling me stories about dicks and making clear that she likes big ones. She wishes me a happy wild sex night (I was gonna bone the Tinder girl but it didn't pan out, whatever).

After that we text a lot about relationships and sex, she tells me about that dude that couldn't get hard with her because of how much he liked her and other stories, I share some of mine and then we agree to go out at Tuesday, the Carnival day itself. I also had this other chick I approached at a bar a week before wanting to meet up at Tuesday since she was coming back from the beach, and as the greedy motherfucker I am, I'm like, "Yeah, why not both?". I tell her I might come late, she asks me why, and of course as the good fuckboy I am, I tell her I'm seeing some other friend (girl, because in Portuguese, when you say friend you give away the genre by the ending you give the word), and she tells me she's feeling "too secundary", that I need to promise her I'm going to see her later lol

I go see the other girl, we were supposed to meet at this trendy bar I really like but they are closed 'coz it's Carnival (Maps always screwing me up). We meet at some nearby place with lots of bars, one of them it's open, so we just stay there. She gets herself some pilsen stuff, I'm like nah, that shit is disgusting, and we go buy me some weiss at some other bar, in the middle of the rain. We get back and soon we are already kissing, I used a lot of small touching while talking to her about her trip to get kino going, so it was kinda smooth. After that we went out again to walk just for the hell of it, the rain gets stronger, I press her up against some empty store and the smooching gets stronger as well, hands on her ass (as I mostly do when I kiss). I try to finger a bit but her tight jeans shorts don't quite allow it. I got hard with her like 3 or 4 times, pretty much everytime we would kiss.

At this point I'm thinking about blondie and I'm like, yeah, this was fun, but the real fun still waiting for me, so I start talking to her about how it sucks that tomorrow Carnival is over and we have to get up early and work and all that jazz, so eventually she just decides to call her Uber and go home to rest. I tell her I'm gonna do the same, but instead I get some more beer and head over to the club I'm supposed to meet blondie at lol (right now this other girl is giving me some crap, I believe the fact that I didn't quite tried to pull and that my whole fuckboy profile thingy made her quite mad at me, thought I also believe she was playing the "crazy party girl" a bit just to get along with me and she's more of a romantic chick, which is why she hasn't nexted me super hard after that).

I get there and blondie tells me she's upstairs. I get there and she's wearing a tight little leopard dress with little cat ears on her head, super sexy (and fitting, with her blonde kinda curly sexy wild hair). She's really drunk though, and as we start kissing she bits my lips super hard (and my nose later on! ouch) and gets blood from my mouth just from the cheer pressure she was kissing me with. It was super dope though. I grab her ass and she gets on top of me as I'm sat, we have like not even 2 minutes of this crazy shit happening and the bouncer come up telling us to stop, so she just gets off and throws her legs a bit over me, like a true princess lol. She talks a bit about how hot her friend is, and how big her tiddies are, and then tells me to touch it, I ask her friend and she lets me, so I just get a bit of a feel and approve those big tiddies (she was a bit chubby but had a really cute face and her tits and ass were really big haha). Her friend is a bit embarassed but seems pretty ok with me touching her, but I only have eyes for my little dirty kitty anyway, so we continue to kiss and dance and dry hump and shit.

She's like really drunk, she takes some embarassing photos of us and tells me to take care of her phone, then totally forget that she gave it to me. Laters she starts reaching for my cock near the bar, and starts opening my zipper (she told me before she almost got kicked out of a bar for giving a handjob), and I'm not even hard, because for whatever reason my buddy just stopped working after leaving the other girl (maybe I drank too much? I wasn't that drunk though). I really had to get up early, so I tell her I'm leaving and kiss her goodbye. Laters she sends me some drunk texts about how she kissed some other dude and he totally tasted like grass, that I was the only good one, the only one for her, that type of silly shit lol. Then she send me some photos and videos of us and her shaking her ass that night.

During the next week we text a lot, and she would send me a picture of her naked or in lingerie almost every day. She tells me she's really busy with her studies, but that she's free the next Saturday, after a university party, so I tell her we can go to a motel afterwards, and she's down.

The day we are supposed to meet I'm at some friend's party, and she tells me her party ends at 10, but then at 9 and something texts me telling me that she can leave already. Before that I was a bit scared it wouldn't happen, as it seemed like she was using the party just as an excuse for her parents to get my dick, as she's quite young, and she also told me she was sick and had an endoschopy earlier that day (apparently she really had some bacteria stuff and didn't drink at the party).
She also texted me at 7 or 8 telling me that she was too tired and sweaty and thought it was better to leave it to another day. Now, when I read that I was like "wtf", I legit got a chill down my spine and panicked a bit, I was planning this the whole week and she just decided out of the blue that she doesn't want it anymore? But then I breathed in, got chill and thought about what to send, I mean, she really can say no at any point, and there's nothing I can do, so I just sent an "ok" as a reply to her four panicking messages about postponning it, then less than a minute after she sent something like "fuck it, lets do it", and I was like, hell yes! I've had girls give me LMR before and my strategy of just pretending not to give a fuck (in a "of course you wanna fuck me" way) generally works big time, because if the girl is this close to giving you sex, then what are the chances she really wanna bail? I think this was probably the hardest moment of that seduction, other than just getting lucky that I saw her leaving the club, right before getting her ig (which obviously wasn't quite emotionally loaded).

So I leave at 9, I'm a bit drunk because I bought me some beer that I had to drink quite quickly, as didn't expect to leave this early, also I had some sake earlier because I just like it lol. It really kicks in as I'm getting into the Uber (I don't drive/have a car), and he's some older Asian guy, so I couldn't tell if he was super quiet ignoring me because he was just fucking stoic or he could tell I was fucking drunk. Anyways she waits for me to get there to even start to get out, and this is some crazy uni party, so it takes a while for her to come, and I really need to pee. She finds me and starts talking a lot, as usual, though now she's really sober. I sense a bit of nervousness but nothing too crazy, I'm a bit weirded out by the overwhelming need to pee and the alcohol. She tells me there's a really good tree to hide me behind it, so I go there and pee on the grass near the place the party was going (I'm such a criminal). I come back and she gives me a bit of her gel alcohol to "wash" my hands. I ask for an Uber but my phone is just going nuts for whatever reason, so I put my credit card number on hers and do it.
Our Uber comes in and I can tell he's a bit surprised by how young she looks and the fact that we are going to a motel with an Uber, can't blame him lol

We get there, and I must confess I've never been in a motel before, the type you just go and stay a few hours and is specifically made for sex, I generally would book a hotel room for a couple if the boinling is preplanned, it's probably a bit cleaner and you can fuck more, as you're meant to sleep there (it can even help with LMR as the girl might play coy at first but then get "naughty" at the middle of the night), but it's also more expensive, and as we only had a few hours (she had to head back at 1am) I decided to go for it. We get there, and she tells the Uber to leave us in the entrance, before the gate where the cars get in, so she just goes and ring some doorbell in the wall, and a small gate opens. We get in, and then we realize we shouldn't be there, as the cabin where people get the keys to the rooms from the cars is before us, but we have no key for room, so we just ring a doorbell on the outside of the cabin. A confused worker there greets us, we explain what happened and she tells us they thought it was some functionary ringing the bell, as this was the time they were opening at. She then offers to give us a room anyway, I pay for it without showing a single document and we're ready to go (blondie recently told me the reason you gotta be in a car is that by legislation they only need to check the driver's license, so if the girl is a minor they still can make money, I was like "wtf").

Anyways, we laugh our asses off of what just happened, we get to the room, I close the door, and then it gets a bit tense. Later she told me she was a bit nervous, because she thought it would be this really mechanical thing like "now lets have sex". She rested on the bed, stretching her arms and legs, she's occupying most of it, we still haven't even kissed, as she was really talkative in the car. She looks quite fine with her make up and hair done, she's wearing a really thin feminine black t-shirt that lets you see her bra and pale skin, I believe she was wearing some short shorts below and some stylish sneakers.
I start talking a bit with her, as I get my head and body near her so I can hear her and start scalating. She starts messing around with the radio that's there and other stuff around the bed, the lighting and shit. I get closer and closer and just stare her down, we kiss, finally, and I slowly take off her clothes. When she's just on her lingerie, she tells me "won't you take off my top?", then I go for it and she says "actually I think you wouldn't be able to, it's kinda complicated", then she just takes it off herself, revealing her beautiful breasts.

She's a really petite blue-eyed blonde girl, like 5'4'' (I'm 6'0''), her tits are small but really round, specially when she's wet. Her ass is her main asset, as it's quite decently sized and good to grab. As I get on top of her, kissing, I try to squeeze it, but it's kinda hard when she laying on it, so she gets on top of me. I slap her ass, making a lot of sound (it was a great first slap lol), then I slap again, with both hands, lots of sounds again, she asks for more and I do it two or three more times. She's clearly getting pretty wet, so I get on top of her and start going for her neck to get her even wetter. As I put my finger inside of her, she gets super scared, thinking I was putting my dick without a condom inside her lol (she said it was because my hand was near my cock, but how do you mistake a cock for a finger?). We laugh a lot, I finger her some more, get her panties out quite easily, then I lick her beautiful hairless small pussy a bit just to tease her. She moans. I get even harder, grab a condom and slam my cock inside of her. She's really tight and small, initially I feel like I would even be able to get my whole cock inside of her, but with a bit of thrusting it goes all the way.
I use the good old trusted adapted missionary that I've used since my first girl to deliver hundreds of orgasms before. I go in deeper, I feel this girl is gonna cum soon, so I start to go really hard, speed it up, and eventually she screams "I'm gonna cum", I put my hand in her mouth and start going even harder and faster, she melts in my arms. Then I start to ask her if she's alrightcor if she needs anything, just to fuck with her, as I can tell she's totally dead. A little after I believed she asked me "dontchu wanna cum?" and I started banging her again. Same fucking things, it takes a bit longer, but she cums in my arms again. At this point I'm not even close to cumming, she told me before she came quite easily, and I think I had a wank in the morning, or maybe it was that I fucked that other girl the other night, but I knew I probably wasn't gonna cum so soon. I told her to suck my cock, which he happily did (she told me before she loved it and it got her quite wet, actually I believed she sucked quite a bit before we even fucked or I fingered her as I ordered her). I fucked her some more and she finally came a third time, she said her pussy was hurting already and offered me to cum on her face while she sucked me, which I totally loved (earlier on our messages I told her I would make her cum trice after she chocked on my cock, I was super happy to be able to actually back it up and deliver that). I gave her some crap on how I made she cum hard and fast and how much of a boss I was, but she gave me crap right back, telling me I was a bit nervous when I first saw her that day and I had no idea what I was doing at the motel, which I didn't try to deny.

We also laughed a lot randomly by some other people fucking nextdoor that put a corny song to play super loud on the radio that we could her from our room, they were also moaning like crazy (the "woman" sounded so bassy I thought it was a dude lmao, I still think it might have been some gay couple or something), we started to make some fake moans super loud to make fun of them lmao.

Overall it was super fun and it was an amazing experience to destroy her little pussy. For my finishing move, I told her to knee before me on the floor as I sat on the bed's edge and masturbated to her moaning, while she had her tongue out and some perverted look on her face. She was looking a lot like this blonde chick from Gossip Girl/Pretty Reckless, and I felt like fulfilling a fantasy fucking her, crazy feeling. Only then I realized how dope this shit really was, like how much my game improved that I could get a girl this hot this wet for me, kneeing on the fucking ground for my cum with her tongue out, just from some preselection I built earlier and my crazy Instagram profile. I took a lot of time to cum, dunno how much this whole realization had to do with it, but eventually I just had to unload as she was there on the floor waiting for me moaning, so I tried to finish faster, and saddly my orgasm wasn't that hard. She still got her chest dripping with my sperm and swallowed a bit from the tip of my cock, which I found endearing. She seemed quite happy cleaning herself up, though she told me later she wanted me to cum hard inside of her. I myself just wanted to unleash a moster load on her face lmao

We still talking and will probably see each other again soon. Apparently her mom knew about everything, good thing she told her, what if I was some maniac wanting to murder her or something? Overall I couldn't be happier with how things turned out (other than the other girl I went out with on Carnival getting kinda cold with me, but I mean, choices, right?).