Did i dodge a bullet with this girl on a date?

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Space Monkey
space monkey
Oct 31, 2020
Alright so i went on a date with HB peach pink. I don't know if i dodged a bullet on this one

The date time was 2pm, i came 10 minute late intentionally. I cold approached a girl who was next to the pillar and it turns is was her! (lmao fuck..) she was pissed because i was late. Had her arms crossed and i tapped her on the head playfully and she told me to not touch her hair.

Then i notice mutipl(5-6) deep slices on her forarms near the bicep area. seems to be healed and have darkened like a regular scar

Mhhhhh.... Thats not good

but i managed to stop her from crossing her arms and get her to warm up to me while taking her to a bbt place in the city to talk.

To properly deep dive and set the frames right instead of just talking while walking. Originally i wanted to talk her to starbucks but then she mentioned about she would recognize some peps there so change of plans.

Before were talking about basic deep dive shit and then i mention 'hot crazy ex' then

she goes on about a guy she loves so much(uh fuck that didn't go as planned)... And he broke up with her...

We enter the store and i asked her about the scars but she dodged the question. Fair enough, i wont bring it up

We talk more in the mainly about her relationships. Her life in Vietnam, more about clubbing. Her self esteem(its pretty fucked), her stress after he bf broke up with her. She drinks heavily to escape her pain and for fun. She clubs also alot in Vietnam

Her bf got some serious fucking game to make want to marry him in 1 years and his sex was the best she had so he became the 'love of her life'

She came home yesterday crying on the train because of the overall stress, the ex was definitely a factor

She had f. W. B in the past and she had an toxic/ physically abusive relationship in vietname. She clubbed before but her ex bf told her not to and she complied.

This mans game is so strong that she was her first to want an exclusive relationship

She still wants back with him... And she has given her self a time limit for him to make a move to reach out to her. 2 months she said.

He broke with her after she wants to marry him and he went silent on her for 3 days and he ended the relationship on his terms wanting to be friends. She declined

I used the cube on her too see get a better guage on her.

THe box is pretty much a pyramid(big)
Meterial: gray, she her reflection
Ladder:wooden leaning on it
Horse: half distant of the box, brown, roaming free with a saddle
Storm: the entire dessert above is a fucking storm (calm)
Flowers: pink and infront of the pyramid just slightly a gap

I became hesitant to Escalate on her even i knew she had attraction but shit compliance

We finished up and we headed to the train station but before that she mentioned

She has to go earlier 4-5pm

She asked me what am i doing after(she DTF) i vaguely reponded ill be busy...

After hearing her pass and this bf shit that has caused her to become broken goods.. Idk if i want to fuck her... Like a feeling inside of me just went limp

'' nahhh she ain't worth it bro, ''

Similar to post not calrity feeling.

Ill be honest Shes cute but the red flags ain't really helping.

Shes in the phase of wanting to get back and healing her self. Im betting if the guy throws like literally a msg she is back with him

They literally broke up in a week before i met her..

I was hesitant as well to break the touch barrier after she didn't want me to touch her hair or tried to flick he on the head she said 'don't touch me'. I couldn't quite calibrate my touches as i should but there was incidental touches there and there

I should have not probably brought up the 'crazy ex part' and she wouldn't be talking about this to me as itr could have set the wrong frames but ioi(diated eyes, flicking hair and ect) was there so i kept it going

Social frame is set i guess

Sexual frame: body language did the heavy lfiting and talked about sexual relationships with her previous with a non judgemental feel to it from my end i guess

Emotions: could be better but enough

So i could get her on a second date and fuck her or.. Or build my connections through her guy friends . Idk what do u guys think
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don giovanni

Space Monkey
space monkey
Dec 12, 2019
Avoid... If its your first time sex will leave an emotional imprint on you. You could get biased for some time and girls don't deserve that.

Besides, I think you can do better :)

Tony D

Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Jul 26, 2018
If you're a foreigner in Vietnam I'd avoid this girl. There's nothing but trouble. She's into self-harm, obsessed with ex lovers, and more red flags. You're in the land of milk and honey. Do some online dating and meet a nice girl who isn't messed up.
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