Does anyone think there's something bigger going on than the Covid-19 itself?


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Jul 31, 2019
I have a friend I met who keeps sending me these videos about how this is the plan of the "NWO".

A. They're killing the fiat currency to digital currency slowly in order for the govt to have control over your money (Ex. Digital Yuan)
B. Mandated Vaccine Passports (On the surface it's a choice, but in reality it's more like if you don't have vaccine, you can't do X)
C. Institutions mandating their stuff to get vaccines
D. Trying to make masks and lockdowns the 'new norm'

So he's hellbent on refusing to get vaccines, pulling money out of the bank into crypto, and finding a new passport

I found this interesting because I agree with
A. Fiat currency is dying.
B. I did find it odd that my college is mandating students to get vaccinated and not providing options for online coursework
C. I'm not sure about the other 2 yet.

I'm curious about what other people think.
Interesting to see this brought up on a sex forum. In my country many people believe that the pandemic is a ruse for totalitarian control measures (especially younger generations). I work in a financial institution and covid has indeed been a massive boost for our business - which has been alarming. What Chase has been saying is right on the money (I can’t speak to the China/Russia/Middle East stuff) and there are certainly many conspicuous links between 20th century catastrophes and those privileged to write monetary policy. In my position it’s easy to see how COVID has been leveraged to distort asset prices (including cash) and the consequences that will arise in the not too distant future. Pro-tip, don’t load up on debt right now.

@Chase your posts always feel like I’m discovering forbidden knowledge. The propaganda machine rolling against the scary, evil eastern countries makes sense to me. A lot of political theatre of the past year makes a lot more sense as a way to build resentment against those who oppose the Hegemony. I won’t drag you into a political discussion because l’m sure you dislike it as much as I do - but some really interesting stuff to think about there.