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Nov 11, 2019
A subtle but powerful key to managing conversations with women.

Game generation one tended to rest a lot on spitting game; the art of leading and plowing with multiple stimulating techs. And definitely useful. Using statements followed. Muti-threading and others. These are the more famous ones. Other branches used other means for Conversation management and there are many routes for it.

One such more subtle form of driving, managing and leading convos is elicitation:
  • to evoke or draw out (a reaction, answer, or fact) from someone.
  • to draw forth (something that is latent or potential) into existence.
In a seducers view, it becomes the art of drawing out her world, to engage her in talking about her. To draw her out. Doing so is a subtle but powerful way to grab attention by activating her, by showing interest for her. And you are leading what she brings out. At the same time she feels interest for her world, and if done well, it will take her to interesting things she has not connected with in a while. Perhaps never really thought about. Another dimension is that she becomes reactive to you. And the experience is very nice for her. So many good things.

Step1 - Eliciting Through questions:
You draw out things in the simples form by asking questions and by being active in doing so:
  1. Asking what she does and eliciting values ( a seemingly mundane question that you make her deepn into why she does it, why she chose it)
  2. Nudging further into topics she brings up through active asking into these in stimulating ways.
  3. Eliciting how the guys are treating her (brings up her wants, views and experiences, you can then frame and take authority on)
  4. Asking into themes and her view of them
  5. Eliciting good things paced to her now and here experience - eg dancing inside a club.
  6. Specifically framed questions that supply subtle cues and hints that are loaded.
  7. Actively ask further in by interrupting; "Wait - Tell me more about xxx" (credit: Zan Perion)
This is done well by being grounded and curious, while confidently leading it. Theres a subtle power in this, being the director of focus, getting people to respond to you.
Step2 - stimulate on her responses
Now use what she provided to stimulate her.
  • Stimulate the responses through emotional stimulation - picturesq descriptions, emotional description etc.
  • you can add techs eg mini cold reads, eg adding drama eg. breaking rapport, eg listing, eg contrasting, eg push pulls eg statements, eg pacing and leading
  • you can nudge in new directions based on her topics and leads - fun and interesting topics, emotional and imaginative topics, romantic and sensual topics.
  • Vibe shifts, slight attention take-aways or alike.
  • you can steer topics eg through weasel phrases (credit: Ross Jeffries) into SOTS or sextalk then back to other things
  • Give i - give her things from your world. Experiences. themes. She can then mirror this which is basically you baiting her to talk on specific subjects if you give i smartly.
  • You can shape your own frame and style(how you do things) along her visions for life, what she sees herself as, depictions and what she wants, images of what she craves.
  • You can understand how to connect with her, make her feel like she belongs, rapportish side of things.
The above are MANY options for getting her stimulated and will provide variation in your stimuli. But just pick 1 or 2 to begin with. slowly add more and train each for field usage. I hope you get that it is not just asking an array of questions interview style. But it is asking good questions across the whole seduction, seeing her. It is responding to her leads with stimulation, it is giving yourself on select areas which will make her mirror that too. As well as another conversational enhancing tech. its getting into inside game with her.

With Initial elicitation all of the stimulation become stronger because youre now responding to HER world and what matters to her. The stuff you elicit you pace out and lead further through the above. The elicitation is the central steering tool that enables the stimulation which is why the focus in this post is on that.

Once you add elicitation into the pool of techs, many aspects of the seduction changes. Eg on opening, all you really need is to get in with the opener, open. which i wrote about before. Which means that the opening game becomes a very different ballgame than whats mostly depicted. From there you elicit things out through good questioning or baits (eg. giving i tech that she mirrors). Also elicitation is a route into so-called inside game, where you are on the inside with her on things in a deeper rapport and perceived understanding. It changes many things across the seductive process.

In marketing & sales, elicitation is what makes or brakes if receivers respond or not. It removes blindness.

Some Keys to get it to work
  • Be genuinely curious - this provides a better feel to it for yourself and is a very harmonic vibe on the emphatic sides of things.
  • Ground yourself when asking, get you focus down in your body and sorta collect yourself inside your skin - increases harmony.
  • Assume interestingness with her (Juggler) - this will make you dig out good things and have an acknowledging add to your vibe
Once internalised its just one of several routes in your verbal games. i use it a lot. others less. All about style and balance.

This is more of an advanced topic imo, and has immense potential if utilised with care and continued effort. It is covert power, use of stealth, low keynes. its smooth operating. Once You get it done it can drive things in so many directions and used alongside other techs its highly adaptive and a powerful way to make vibes, framing acts and a likes deeply impactful and adapted to her world.
+ This is a strong way to add to the seduction, for creatively creating a really good experience for her. As well as ourselves.

A key for me is that it makes it more alive for me as i figure her out and riff of her sayings, give my own and create a satisfying conversation by steering it into what actually attracts me. This awakens the right things which makes the feel of the thing invigorating and alive.

Shoot me your thoughts - i think sharing practices of elicitation together could be a good place to enhance some more serious things.
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Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
I will respond when I have time after the 15th of January. Super Busy ATM with writing papers :) If I forget please remind me over facebook :)
sure - no stress. But i am very curious to your insights on the area.