Wealth Existential Dread/Hope With AI

Spyce D

Space Monkey
space monkey
Jul 9, 2019
Maybe it's real or maybe it's just hype used by their parent company to sell their stuff .

Look at dating apps ....all the hype and marketing it carries but what are the results .

Look at social media .... do they really make you social .

I have always seen that @Chase advises against being on social media .

And whether Generative Imitative A.I. is useful or not ;

I will ask ChatBhosādāpāti about it . ;)

EDIT: https://hello.vrchat.com/
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Karea Ricardus D.

Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Oct 9, 2012
I'm very skeptical of AI. I mean it's amazing stuff, but I look back on the past decade and I think the introduction of the smart phone was the worst thing that has happened to society in our life times. I have a feeling AI might be even worse in how it impacts people's daily lives. But let's see.

For now, it's an edge to use it so it's hard to pass up for business.