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Tony D

Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Jul 26, 2018
Since I switched from bootcamps (action based) to online coaching (inner game based) I’ve noticed a recurring issue: Poor Mindset.

Online coaching gives me the time to get to know a students frame of mind. The pattern here is obvious. Most guys are not equipped emotionally for pickup.

They can’t handle the negative emotions associated with rejection, multiple rejections, and a continuing lifestyle where rejections are the norm.

They want “success” with women, but what they need is “success”(validation) in order to fuel their ambition.

It’s a paradox: without validation that they are attractive to women, they aren’t able to muster the confidence to carry on trying without spiralling into despair and negativity. Pickup becomes a terrifying exercise in frustration.

Many of these guys are skeptical that this will work for them. They’re different perhaps?

So for these new guys, I’m going to do a little refresher on mindset fundamentals.

1. Always positive

Women are NOT attracted to negative men. Batman gets zero love. Bruce Wayne does. He’s a happy, outgoing, extrovert. Batman is a quiet, brooding, violent sociopath. Be more Bruce Wayne, less Batman.

These guys go out to approach at a bar, or daygame, and they’re pumped up. But after one or two tries, if things don’t go the way they want it to (validation) their emotional state crashes, and they quit. They figure it’s their looks, height, weight, race, hair… because why wouldn’t they find “success” (always this mystical word ‘success’ which is actually “validation”) with the women they hit on.

So the next time they go out, they’ve already accumulated evidence that they’re not good enough, they’re brimming with negativity and the women can tell. It’s a perpetual cycle of reinforcing this belief system that they’re not enough, because they’re not being validated.

2. Victim Mentality

You are not a victim. You are not different or special. Sure, you may be a 5’5” Pakistani immigrant, but you know what? Fucking deal with it. We’re all here to improve. Pickup wasn’t made for amazingly handsome men to take all the women… it was made for the average guy to compete with the good looking guys.

You are not a victim. If you’re doing the “woe is me” tale, crying about your lack of validation from women, then of course the women won’t want to date you. You’re a toxic child.

Learn how to control your negative thoughts. Turn that fucking frown upside down. Hang out with monks in Tibet. But don't take this negative attitude out there.

If you're depressed, it's not because you're not getting laid. You're not getting laid because you're depressed. Fix that first.

3. Abundance Mentality

These guys get one phone number, and when it doesn’t work out, they fall back into scarcity mentality, negativity, and victim mentality. It’s like a circle, and they just keep coming back and wondering why they’re not getting the results they want. So the next thing you know, they’re going all Elliot Rogers in the high school parking lot.

The magic word is “NEXT”. If she isn’t meeting up with you, validating you, you REMAIN POSITIVE because YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM, and you GO MEET MORE WOMEN.

Get rejected a thousand times, because there are millions of single women on this planet. You’re just too cowardly, and unequipped to emotionally deal with rejection.

The guys who master this stuff, we don’t let it get to us. We just go try again, and again, and again, and again. We do it with a smile. Women can tell, and they want to be around a guy like that. Have a little patience. Everything doesn't have to happen RIGHT NOW. Earn it. Earn her.


These guys try ten times, then figure they’re broken, too ugly, too short, too yadayadayada. It's even worse for the guys who try online dating, because you have to x50 the numbers of women who ignore and reject you.

Get this. Cold approach pickup is weird, and not normal… but that’s okay. I give you permission to try again. I give you permission to hit on every single girl in the bar. I give you permission to be creepy at the mall.

You think because you approached ten girls, you deserve the girl of your masturbatory dreams? If you want that girl, you better be prepared to be rejected a thousand times.

If you want to not only get good at this, then you’ll need to approach hundreds, thousands, maybe tens of thousands of women. If you’re not emotionally equipped to deal with that, if you really care a lot about what your imaginary haters think about you, then go get an escort, or marry a fat girl that will love you for who you truly are. Cold approach pickup is not for you. You're a pussy.

Luckily you can decide to change that.

I could go on, but I’ll leave this for you all to chew on.
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Space Monkey
space monkey
Apr 2, 2018
I've always been inspired by batman and always wanted to inherit his personality traits cuz I thought he was "alpha". Since he's the toughest guy out there and he doesn't give a fuck or show any emotion thats what makes him attractive to women. Pretty much red pill hogwash.But only catwoman likes brooding anti social batman because she's an outcast as well. Playboy Bruce Wayne pulls more bitches because he's wealthy,charismatic,exciting and a lover.
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