FR First intentional instant date (been looking into getting pulls, since my AA is gone)


Space Monkey
space monkey
Sep 6, 2019
First Intentional Instant date__________

Went to office depot to print a list of cold call leads for my marketing biz,

skinny chick with perfect bubble walks in

they just had a black out and computers are not working so i started buddy chatting her to see if she knows how the system is supposed to work

she leaves to get in line to buy something

i say goodbye and finish printing my stuff

when i am leaving she is still in line so i approach

she sees me coming

i stop wave from 10 feet away she waves back

i smile and banter

she says hold on and pays for her transaction

i stand behind/ next to her and wait for her to finish

we start to walk out

i say the magic words of my dad and brother

"what are you doing after this"


she says she is not really doing anything today

we end up walking across the parking lot to ihop

she was going to order some food but i told her i was not hungry and she said i had her at ihop for no reason and she didnt eat anything which tells me she was just at ihop because i invited her

she sits across from me and we end up playing footsie

she says one single line about having a husband and i completely ignore that(she also had on a huge ring the entire time)

she asked me what i do for a living and i told her im in marketing but i have a day job

she asked how often i work

talk for 50 minutes and she brought up how she was a tailor in London for a few years and some men would get erections when she was fitting them (she mentioned sex)

then we planned to go do some partner dancing

she pays for her drink and then as we are walking through the parking lot she says she must pick up her 2 year old son from school in 30 minutes

joke around a little then she asks for my number and we park

nearly 2 hours all together

we did some light texting after we parted and im sure she will text me back as long as i dont wait too long or say some dumb shit.

Man i knew i was close to getting consistent pulls and this is my first one so now i want to get solid with pulls before i go into whatever comes after pulls