Advanced Technique How to Never Get Flaked Again - A Guide to Investment and Qualification


Modern Human
Modern Human
Mar 3, 2020
I straight up got nothing but flakes for about 8 months straight.

I was going mad. What the fuck was wrong?

I was doing everything right.

All the infields looked exactly like my sets.

There was ALMOST nothing that really went in depth about this.

Just crumbs and incomplete theories.

A bunch of loose ends.


I. Never. Get. Flaked.

It just doesn't happen.

If I run the set well and in my mind, I'm not gonna get flaked, I never do.

I completely fixed this problem, that "floating/not real set" issue completely.

I also helped many people fix this in my local area and I'll share the info with you.

I'll fix this once and for all.

(PS: I'm sorry for that one exception out of a thousand girls that lost her mother in a camp fire later that day, got drunk, got back with her ex, cried herself to insanity when she sobered up and hung herself to end her misery and thus couldn't text you back. "She just wasn't into you, bro. You have the wrong skin-color.")


How to Never Get Flaked?

  1. Investment
  2. Qualification
  3. Being Boring (+Making it real.)
  4. Investment Fueled Close

Now, my old game modal was this: Open, hook, vibe, close. Great. Amazing. Opened well... Sets hooked amazingly. Had a great vibe. Everyone was having one. Girls were enthusiastic. What was missing? They were really in love with me and one day later they didn't even know me?

I missed a critical component. A "IQ" phase. Investment and Qualification that comes right after vibing. That really opened up everything.

Now the vibe phase is basically no thought, vibing, having a good vibe, getting comfortable, you enjoying the set part and after that you get into investment phase. Where basically you can only speak 20% of the time. This is critical. The original idea is 20 to 50 percent but 50 is way too high. Honestly you can get away with 5/95, so don't wuss out on 20%. It's super comfortable. You just ask questions and enjoy your time, judging the girl.

Now. Investment is NOT rapport. It could be. It could be combined into one. But I'm just sharing the methodology with which I've fully solved this problem so nothing could be confused. Investment is JUST she investing into the conversation. By logical decisions, buy-ins, actively filling silences, she giving information and talking to you, she leaning in more than you do, she complying with your demands. (I always make girls buy me drinks/coffee/food, lol.) You're making her value you / love you more and more and being more real in her mind. The more she works for you and for the interaction, the more she wants it and rationalizes it well.

Before the investment phase, I was simply talking too much. I was too in love with the validation, their good reactions, my own amusement and my million dollar mouth piece. Just in love with it. I wasn't letting them invest into the conversation at all, just an entertainer. Not a real person. Not someone they worked for and someone who has zero value for them. Attraction is investment. It's buy-in. The more you're bought into something, the more valuable it will be for you. The more you'll love it. (That's why women self hypnotize themselves to stay with a shitty BF, because of prior investment.)

Here is a line I love: Tell me 3 things you LOVE about me.


This could be most killer line in all of pickup you've ever been thought.

Write that shit down.

Tattoo that shit.

Literally the things she will come up at that point will be what she remembers about you (investment is by far the most important component of pickup), and the reasons she will think about you. It's fucking brilliant. And it's so easy to get verbal, logical buy-in when she'in the moment with emotions. When the emotions fleet away, the investment and the decisions, the buy-ins remain.

Now you have to QUALIFY the girl. Honestly the more real the qualifications are the better but I was just too lazy with it. Steal my line. "I love your energy." "You have an absolutely great energy about you. I loved every single second of talking to you. It's interesting. Do you feel the same?" (She will as she's talking intently for the last however minutes and is into you. You're getting verbal buy-in, more compliance and INVESTMENT.) "I just love your energy. It's hard to describe. I just really liked the conversation."

And the variations of I love your energy line.


She needs a reason for you to like her to rationalize the interaction in her mind. And the more high value you are, the weirder it gets. The more you need to qualify her. This was one of my most crucial problems. Fix this and the world will be yours.

I was this massive pimp and my value was way higher than hers and a lot of the times, we would be from different tribes. You really need to form a connection, qualify a girl the more it is unnatural to qualify her. (LOL.)

If everything clicks, qualification is natural. She automatically impresses you or says something cool. But unfortunately with most random girls, you'll have to actively do it.

Now I've later learned more advanced forms of qualification (Thanks Adam Lyons) but that is beyond the scope of this writing. To never get flaked this is what you need.

Now let's move onto being boring. We can also say this as being real.

I've learned this trick from a RSDTyler video. He said I'm gonna say something cooky. When I know, I'm not gonna get a SNL. I'll just drop down everything, I'll not state-pump her, spike her and be 100% chody. Just bs, boring, real talk. I find that if I do that, my flake rate goes down an incredible percent.

(Because deep down, she knows you're a facade and she won't relate to you or anything you did out of the moment, out of state, out of pumped emotions. But when she feels real normal, she'll remember the real/normal you. And she will most definitely remember her investment and her rationalizations.)

She has to remember you when she's out of state.

As I do daygame 95% of the time, this just meant being real. The more boring you are, the more she invests into the boring you, you will have incredible absurdly godly value in her eyes. Because she loves you. Because you have the best elbows. Because your balding hairline is the best the continent has to offer.
She'll make up her own reasons (or you can force logical buy-in with your qualifying question of tell me what you LOVE about me). If she's down with the boring you, she's down for anything. (She will be if you open strong and just ease into the vibe and investment phases. DON'T OVERGAME. Just DULL IT DOWN. I have a switch in my mind. Investment time. Boring time. If your infield is impressive or entertaining you're doing something wrong.

Attraction is a way to get investment into YOU. Not into the attraction material. (My biggest mistake, and the mistake 99% of guys do. They just keep running attraction material but after they're hooked, if you don't see it and make it real/boring, they see you're just a monkey and not a real guy. They'll invest into the material not you, and the moment the material/emotions go away, so do you. Get your feet into the door with your game and then just lean back and let her game you.

Just be real. Talk about her fears, be boring, tell her about your life. Don't talk sometimes. Just look into her eyes. Create a vacuum. Smile. She'll awkwardly try to re-engage the conversation or blush and ask why are you looking at me like that all excited/aroused & attracted. Trust me homies.

A few years after this discovery I had a saying, if you don't know her deepest fears and she won't know yours you're not gonna fuck her. Now, this is obviously not true and is more into Deep Rapport (Deep Diving) which is related to our topic but isn't in this methodology so I'll keep it out of it. But the idea I wanna convey with this statement is that you have to make the interaction real. You have to know her and she has to know you. In a real way. Not a floaty, PUA bullshit, spiky way.

Now the core concept here is this. You can 80% build rapport and 20% break rapport. Just be boring and do normal convos and then do really sexual eye contact and drop a sexual line. "I don't know how you make me feel but it's not good. Why do you do that?" Deep eye contact, deep voice and a smile.

Or you can tease her. Disqualify her. Push-pull her. Push her away. "That is fucking terrible. I don't know why I like you so much. It's sickening." "Wow I thought, I liked you. I think we should just be friends." Etc. Just break rapport when she says something appropriate. USE SPARINGLY. You'll feel it. You'll feel the tension. You'll feel everything. (And again, we're talking about the IQ phase here. My vibing phase is just me freestyling and enjoying the vibe. Running my mouth, self-amusing, having fun. My IQ phase is much more tactical.

Now let's get into the final component. One of my most ingenious concepts. The investment fueled close. I do this in most of my sales calls also.

People ask me, bro how do you always bring girls out? How do you text them? What do you say? How to arrange a meeting?

My answer?

I don't.

I barely have any textgame.

It's 80% logistical.

I don't really "set-up" dates or meets.

It's already set-up or %90 set-up and needs logistical details ironed out. (Thus the need to text.)

Everything is already agreed IN THE SET.

Hey I fucking loved your energy. Would you like to do this again sometime?

Yes. (Verbal buy-in. Compliance. Logical investment. IRON CLAD.)

How about some coffee?


I know a great place. It's this Starbucks (right next to my house), you should really see it. Would you like to go there?


When are you available? I'm kinda busy let me fit my shit into your schedule.

Tuesday, Wednesday.

Ah cool. I can make it on Wednesday. What about 7? Starbucks, cool?


If you're late, the first round is on you. Deal?

Haha, deal. (They are always late. They always buy the first round. More investment. There is no second round. They're left with the investment. They're rationalizing their investment more and more thus loving you more and more.)

Now this is the most IRON CLAD version of the Investment Fueled Close. Which is a GODLIKE pickup method that will change your fucking life.

But not every time you'll have the opportunity to do this.

You can do a mini version (soft close) of this.

Hey I loved talking to you. I hope you feel the same.

Do you wanna get some coffee with me?

Great! Let me get know your number so we can figure-out the details.


In old PUA methods there is a similar technique to this called Time Bridging. It's brilliant. Future plans. Always. Get verbal compliance. Make them commit. Make them say it. Make them feel the urge to be consistent to the social promise they just committed to.

One of the most powerful principles of the Human Psyche is the Commitment and Consistency principle. Use it to full effect.

Use it.

And reap the rewards.

Everything is already agreed upon, or there is only the logistics to figure out over text and you have a reason to text her.


The summary:

  • As she invests into you and the conversation the more she'll value you and will be logically attracted to you. Not emotionally. Emotional attraction is fleeting, investment is permanent. Buy-in and backwards rationalizations are permanent. She will not throw away something she invested so much into.

  • You'll have to qualify her to give her a reason as to why the fuck did you like her and wanna talk to her in the first place. This will make her make sense of the interaction and build a rational/logical/would hold up without emotions narrative in her mind about you and about the interaction. And would comfort her, build a connection and would make her feel unique, special and valuable and would make her feel like YOU ARE MORE VALUABLE THAN HER and she won you over. There is a reason. You just didn't randomly liked her. (It doesn't make any sense for a champ like you to like a random girl. Especially for the girl.)

  • The I & Q should be a fucking phase where they are the only things you focus on. The IFC. Not something you sprinkle it into your game. Like Qualification and Comfort phases of old Mystery Method. FULL FOCUS.

  • You'll have to make the interaction REAL and BORING. The more boring you are, every single investment she does is multiplied by a thousand and she'll always comply to invest into the boring you because of the flow of the interaction prior and the investment/compliance already built. Also it will make you remember you without the crazy emotions. As memory is tied to states and emotions. If the emotions fleet away, so will her memory of you. And you will be so outside of her reality, you won't even feel real to her. Just some illusion. A mirage. That can't be real. (Her reality is fucking boring, if you can be boring with a girl from a place of power/cool, you'll win her over. Being normal around a girl is the ultimate way to get her. If you're even acting remotely ACTING cool to get her, you're in the subtlest of ways qualifying yourself to her and showing her you're lower value and need this. And you're showing massive balls by being boring.)

  • If you get massive investment in the close you'll tap in one of the most powerful triggers of the human psyche and will not get flaked. You'll reduce your chance of messing it up over the phone to an exact zero.

This theory has been field tested to death and through merely sharing it, resulted in 2 guys that I've taught to lose their virginities.

You're welcome.

PS: I apologize for my absolutely crazy writing style. English is not my first language and I definitely am not used to writing long, detailed articles in it but rest assured the info in this mess will save lives. I definitely need an editor. Fuck, my imaginary editor would need an editor to fix this mess.



An addendum:
As I was doing all that, I also almost exclusive got their IG/Snapchat and had an active IG/Snapchat profile. Constantly posting stories and being in the foreground of people, building comfort, intrigue and attraction all together and never getting cold. Even though I was almost never texting them, I was almost passively/indirectly interacting which is one of the beauties of social media.

Another Addendum:
The reason I call it boring and real was because my game was very clowny/gamey/flashy/attraction based. (Damn you infields.)
So I had to make my brain a point to be like that. Because I thought anything else was "boring". So I couldn't just say make a connection. I framed it as be boring which really helped me mentally. And I think also Todd said, the more boring your sets look the better your game is. Flashy shit doesn't work.

Another reason for the boring frame is to get in her day to day reality. Make sure she remembers you out of state. If you're all fun and smiles, you're just part of the night. When the night ends, so do her emotions, so do you. You're just part of a temporary state/situation in her mind. Most of her reality isn't fun based. But when you interact from her from a boring place (again, don't start the set as boring. You can, as a challange, or if you're really grounded but that's not the point. You "turn on" the boring in the IQ phase. You don't have to be boring in the open/hook/vibing, just have fun-self amuse and shoot the shit, when when you wanna really connect or solidify the set, turn up to boring to a 100. Memory is state/emotion based. If she goes out of her fun emotions and goes into her daily normal emotions, she will forget the fun memories but will remember the normal memories. Again, some Jedi shit. Try it.
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Modern Human
Nov 11, 2019
good post @YS

I'm a big fan of getting (sexual) investment from chicks for SNLs

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Modern Human
Modern Human
Mar 3, 2020
good post @YS

I'm a big fan of getting (sexual) investment from chicks for SNLs

Will check it out, bro.


Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnon Man
Nov 20, 2012
A lot of deep nuances here. Great post YS. Going to be a mad scientist during this Quarantine.


Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Nov 11, 2019
South Florida
just for understanding, when you are asking for the 3 things she loves about you???

are you trying to be cocky/funny/sarcastic... or what is the tone/frame she just met you, isn't that awkward? i am trying to understand better the method before i give it a try... Cause i always ask what are your best qualities that have nothing to do with your looks? (learned reading bd he got it from style)


Modern Human
Modern Human
Mar 3, 2020
just for understanding, when you are asking for the 3 things she loves about you???

are you trying to be cocky/funny/sarcastic... or what is the tone/frame she just met you, isn't that awkward? i am trying to understand better the method before i give it a try... Cause i always ask what are your best qualities that have nothing to do with your looks? (learned reading bd he got it from style)

Hey Skills,

Let me address everything.

I'm trying to be boring and real. Not cocky, funny, sarcastic, anything. You drop it at the IQ phase of the interaction (you can call it the comfort phase if you'd like) after you got the buy-in, she likes you, you hit it off, she's investing, all of the normal steps (however you wanna call it in your methodology) is done for. Then you drop it.

It's for verbal buy-in. Extreme social commitment. That's the whole purpose. You're not trying to make her qualify to you because at the point you drop this that should already have happened like 20 times. You're literally making her rationalize why she likes you, TO YOUR FACE. It's incredible. The things she said will be the only things she'll remember about you and the interaction.

You can drop the Style's line MUCH MUCH earlier into the interaction. (It's just a qualifier.) Any time after you got the hook is OK. But my line comes DEEP into comfort. To make it ROCK SOLID. Towards the very end of the interaction.

I don't want the girl to qualify herself to me (what Style's line would cause), I want the girl to qualify ME to HERSELF.

Killer, bro. Killer.

One infield example:

I was sitting down with this married chick in a coffee shop. Daytime, mall, direct approach. Instantly got logistics, rough landing on the open, no problem. Moved her to a coffee shop in 5 mins. Cool.

Vibed. Some light banter. Get to know you kinda stuff. Great.

Not the IQ/Comfort phase starts. She's into me. I'm just asking her these deep ass questions. Fuck man. Why do you do the things you do? What makes you interested in that job? And I'm just rewarding her investment. Stacking and stacking. Just stacking. Sometimes teasing her but very sparingly. The time for teasing is mostly over. I'm not even talking man. Just getting more buy-in, more compliance and more investing and with my reactions (either reward-qualify her investment or punish-disqualify it, be very careful with DQs on real talk subject, by and large don't do it. You can do push pulls but hard DQs are ill advised.)

Now, she literally told me everything about her life and is so over-invested that she started asking me all kinds of questions. Great. I want to balance the conversational range to 20/80 -basically it was 1/99 lol- and share my story. Be vulnerable and shit. In a cool way.

I break rapport sparingly but I build massive rapport. DEEP rapport. I become super deep and with deep eye contact, I sense you carry a big burden. What's your problem girl?

She freaks the fuck out. (Everyone has a big burden, lol. It's a great cold read.) She thinks her husband sent me LOL.

Then she really opens up. Dude I could marry this girl on the spot how invested she is.

Again back and forth teasing. We're holding hands, kissed and such. I drop a few intent lines. We established we're into each other.

I drop the line. Tell me 3 things that you love about me. (Or that made you love me. Why do you like me? etc.) I know it's just momentary emotions, that my game is just too fucking good and she's just over-invested so she'll rationalize literally anything as such. All I want is to get iron tight, rock solid, verbal commitment. I want her to qualify ME. I want her to find logical, iron tight reasons, that come out of her mouth to rationalize WHY she LOVES me. Dude... This is liquid gold. I don't know if anything online could ever be converted to gold but this is it. When you come to a logical conclusion by yourself it's 453092845309853290582340 times better and more effective than just feelings and emotions in the moment. We are tapping into the Commitment and Consistency principle of the Human Psyche. Massive sales concept also. People ask GREAT LEADING questions like Why do you want to work with us? Lol I was just getting sold recently on a mentoring call How would this guy help you? As I talked about the reasons, I got more and more convinced that I need the service, lol. You're basically convincing yourself beyond any momentary emotion could achieve.

I could sense, she had no idea why she liked me AND LITERALLY THOUGHT ABOUT IT AND MADE THEM ON THE SPOT. These will be the only things she'll remember about me, the story she will tell herself, after all the emotions and the magical moments are gone. Amazing. I didn't force her, she came up with them.

She's like I like you because;

"You are really confident."

"You make me laugh a lot." (I really REALLY haven't, lol.)

"You really made something out of yourself. When I talk to you, I feel like I'm talking to success. You are not a basic person."

Style's EPIC line is a qualifying question. There is some overlap but have totally different uses/perspectives of what I'm using here. You can use both in a set but my line is to be used much later. Style's line is after you get some buy-in, for you to amplify the buy-in, flip the seller buyer frame and getting her to qualify herself to you. I don't care about that at all. By the time I said my line she's qualifying herself to me for an hour, lol. I want her to give herself logical reasons why I'm awesome and commit to them in a social setting. If you tell the world you're working out and going to the gym, it's much harder to not do that. Classic sales / psychology concept. I'm just tapping into this principle.

Style's quote is about qualification, mine is about unforgettable commitment. Logical, rational, verbal buy-in. I want to hear her rationalize it.

It makes you get incredible verbal buy-in. You're leveraging her momentary emotions to get verbal commitment and buy-in that will compel her brain to be consistent to that. The more she invests and commits the more she likes you. The more her brain will twist everything for her to like you. You will care much more about a 1k phone than a 200$ phone. I just got off a call I paid 150$s to, took 7 pages of notes. I torrented many more valuable products to have start watching them properly let alone takes notes. Investment is value. And social commitment is one of the biggest forms of investment you can get. Social commitment combined with rationalizations that YOU come up with as to why that is awesome is just cheating at life Skills. Causing a disgustingly solid number. It's absolutely sick.

You're literally creating the things she'll think about you by making her come up with them herself and say them out loud in a social setting. Commitment and consistency.

This is some Jedi shit, Skills.
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