FR++ Starbucks girl


Space Monkey
space monkey
Jan 12, 2020
Last Sunday morning , I was in a really big que at Starbucks . At some point I start scratching my balls , because i wanted to scratch them and because I was kinda bored in the same time without really caring if people see me or not .

After I finish scratching I felt like someone was eyeballing me and turn around where I see this interesting girl looking at me very disgusted . I look at her with a disdain look then the discussion starts .

her : you are a peasant ! ( looking insulted )
Me : you are close , I am born and raised in X . What”s your name ? ( looking bored )
Her: my name is X ( smiling )
Me : X , you are cuter when you keep your mouth shout ( smirk face )

then my turn to order . I wait for my coffee and she comes next to me after a while .

her : you know , it is not nice to do disgusting things in front of a woman ( normal face )
Me : yeah I know , but it happens from time to time . Us men are quite disgusting human beings ( smiling ) . Anyhow X my name is Y and we shook hands while gazing at each other
Her : yeah , guys are pigs ( laughing )
Me : are you in a hurry ? , as I did not really slept that much last night and want to sit somewhere down and enjoy my coffee for a bit ( Warm face )
Her : not really , but have to leave in 10 minutes to meet a friend for a walk in the park ( warm face )
Me : You look like a really nice person and I feel bad that you saw me at my worst . Let”s sit down outside for a bit . It is a super nice day ( smiling )
Her : indeed is super sunny for January ( big smile )

we go outside and I start deep diving for like 5 minutes till when I tell her that I also have to go, but would be nice to continue the discussion . She agrees and I ask her for her number .

I wait a couple of hours then send her a text .

me : hey you , glad we met today . Y
Her : same here . Got colder outside though
Me : yeah. Dunno what to say , feels alright to me . Are you sure It is not me making your day warmer ? Haha
Her : men and their egos ( rolling eyes emoticon )
Me : and we also measure our penises too one with each other haha
Her : the eternal problem ...
me : well , us men can deal with anything , except knowing that we do not have the biggest penis in the room .
Her : ( rolling eyes emoticon )
Me : either way , let”s not continue talking about how big my penis is . Fancy grabbing a drink later ? . Promise to behave like a gentleman ( smiley face )
Her : you know , I want to and not want to . Sometimes I think that you are a cool guy , and sometimes I feel that you will just annoy me and just waste my time
Me : well , we both would like to continue the discussion we had today , which was really nice . Let”s go with the flow and not think too much about what will happen .
her : you are a smooth talker and full of bullshit . This is what you do with all the girls ?
Me : scratching my balls in front of them ? Haha . Only with you ( smiley face )
Her : fine , I am curious now. Where to meet ?
me : let”s go to Z in 2h
Her : ok , but just so you know I can not stay more than 1h as I am meeting my friends after
Me : no worries . See you at Z in 2h :)

either way we meet , we talk more and escalate things . At some point she says that she needs to use the toilet but does not like the public ones . I tell her that I live nearby and can come to my place and do her thing . She agrees but tells me that she has to go after to meet her friends . I tell her that is fine . In the 5 minute walk I start holding her hand and tell her that I hope she has a better opinion about myself now . She says that initially she thought that I am a super arrogant asshole , but now she thinks that I am actually a cool guy .

We arrive at my apartment , she does her thing and I open a good bottle of wine in the meantime . We drink a little bit of wine and we start making out , but after a while her phone started to ring like really loud and she comes back to her senses and says that she needs to leave . i tell her it is fine and she starts arranging herself a bit and kisses me before going out the door .

then we started texting a little bit back and forth on a daily basis ( 4-5 messages a day ) and agreed to grab something to eat tomorrow after work . Hopefully everything will go as smooth as possible :)