Talk Emotional, not Logical

Tony D

Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Jul 26, 2018
I’m working with a guy who’s approaching a lot of women, having insta dates, but not having any second dates. So I asked him to record his daygame approaches on his phone, and listened to them. He’s not coming off as nervous, but his main issue is common amongst men: his conversations are logical, rather than emotional.

For example. He’s talking to a girl about Yoga philosophies, about being in the moment, letting go of outcome, breathing, and this opened the girl’s conversation up. It’s something that I’ve worked with him on, because he wasn’t showing any personality. I told him to talk about his personal philosophies.

Sharing your philosophies on life will open up girls to deeper convo’s, but it’s still surface level. I realized he was creating rapport, but not comfort or attraction. Note, I wasn’t working on push/pull, teasing, sexual framing. Just “self expression.”

So remember that women are “emotional” creatures. What I noticed he, and many other newbies do is they make observations, rather than insights. But what really grabs a woman’s attention is when you tell her how you FEEL about your insights, ideas, philosophies, experiences. This seems to be something coaches have forgotten since RSD dominated the scene. They just don’t talk much about conversation.

Still, most students are focused on “what to say” they forget that women aren’t that interested in anything other than how you feel about it.

For my client, I told him next time to tell her if Yoga makes him feel happy, content, or horny? Does it relieve stress? Does it help him deal with a day next to his asshole boss? Does it calm his racing mind?

If you just read a book about Elon Musk and you’re talking to a girl about it, don’t just tell her about him, his ideas, his accomplishments. Tell her about how it made you feel. How would you feel if you invented the Tesla car? How would you feel if you got to bang Grimes?

This is just the beginning of talking seductively. If you struggle in conversation, just ask yourself “How do I FEEL about this topic?” Once you understand the fundamentals of emotional language, It will open up a whole other level of verbal game.