The Effects of Time Away From Game


Space Monkey
space monkey
Nov 18, 2019
Howdy Gents,

Today was my first day back at University since the winter break. But it was more than that. As a guy with serious logistics issues (I live at home with my parents and have no personal automobile), any school break is a break from nearly all social activity. I normally take this time to re-center myself mentally, catch up on reading, and relax until I can be active when school starts back up again, but the time off takes its toll.

First, my approach anxiety has come back in full force. I was amazed at some of the talent I was seeing in campus and yet I just could not compel myself to walk over approach. I have confidence that I'll overcome it quickly, I just was not prepared to be handicapped to that extent.

Secondly, is what time away from women does to your standards. Midway through the fall semester, I took on a lover from one of my classes and we were sleeping together regularly (in her car lol). She had a great personality and was cute enough, but not beautiful enough to be girlfriend quality. Yet when she hit me up over the break, I was enamored with her. She would send titillating nudes to me via Snapchat on a daily basis and very nearly roped me into a relationship even. But despite part of me being tempted to commit, I knew I would regret it and brushed off her requests. When we met up to head to her car I felt bad. That lust I had for her during the break was gone. My eyes had gazed upon better prospects.

All in all, if you can avoid it don't go an entire month socially isolated. I came back plagued with approach anxiety and my complete lack of abundance had turned a HB6 into a HB9.


Tool-Bearing Hominid
Tool-Bearing Hominid
Oct 18, 2018
Visualization always helps me with becoming more fluid. I do not really experience approach anxiety anymore (maybe just a little), but I notice that I can get really rusty when I take a time off. I have been focussing on other things these last two months and I notice myself being a little slower, however when I visualize in advance I become more smooth during an interaction or approach.