Paid Product  What She Really Means - New Texting Book!

Hector Papi Castillo

Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Dec 2, 2013
Hey guys!

I've been working on this book for YEARS and it's finally out. I'm really excited to have released it. Maybe you haven't seen the posts on the main site or my videos on tiktok/Instagram, but here it is:

I break down texting to its fundamental constituents. All the way down to how many words you use in a sentence, what punctuation to use, and all the way up to general strategies of how often to text her, and everything in-between, like what the "context" of the conversation is or how to feel out her general interest.

It helps you with anything texting related - texting girls you met from the night before, texting girls from day game, girls from dating apps, etc.

If there's texting involved, this book teaches you how to do it.

I know you'll love the content and be getting more results VERY fast.

What She Really Means:

Wish you guys all the best and happy new year!