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  1. Hector Papi Castillo

    Paid Product What She Really Means - New Texting Book!

    Hey guys! I've been working on this book for YEARS and it's finally out. I'm really excited to have released it. Maybe you haven't seen the posts on the main site or my videos on tiktok/Instagram, but here it is: I break down texting to its...
  2. H

    What is the deal with online dating apps?

    I am trying both cold approaches and dating apps for sometime now, but dating apps take me nowhere. I rely more on cold appraches, but I still want to have something out of dating apps in the pursuit of getting laid. What should my profile look like? What i should write in bio if I dont have...
  3. J

    How to handle an online girl "Not being ready to meet yet"

    Had a girl I was talking to through online dating, got her contact, texted a bit and she seemed pretty interested and agreed to a date, but on the day of the date, when I sent a "confirmation" text she said that she wasn't ready to meet today. I realize I probably screwed up along the way at...
  4. J

    Texting, how to keep interest for a date in 12 days?

    Met a girl online that had already liked my profile. Seems to be pretty interested, got her number and have already successfully set up a date, it's just a lot further in the future than I'm used to. I was planning for this weekend but she's got a trip she mentioned right before I asked her so...
  5. Y

    Found a very 'interesting' comment on reddit about online dating ..

    So on an online dating subreddit, there was this guy who posted his chat with a girl, about scoring a FWB with her. and he mentions this in reply to someone saying that how women who write ' looking for a relationship ' on online dating apps are not actually serious about it and will go for...
  6. R

    Online & Apps Online dating - chicks than seem really interested then don't give out number

    I usually do ok when on online dating apps like tinder, bumble and POF. It usually always follows a similar pattern if the girl is actually interested in me. I chat back and forth for a bit and responded in ways that make me look dominant. I usually get asked some shit testing type questions...
  7. Rakkum

    "How tall are you?" I'm(Online)

    What's the best way to respond to this regardless whether you are short, tall or average ? I personally am about the same height as the average woman where I am at or a bit shorter (can't remember the stats). Thus, a large percentage of women I interact and sleep with are taller than me. No...
  8. T

    Transitioning to sex talk/mutual masturbation with Tinder girl

    Hey guys! So after reading this site for a long while and being held back by approach anxiety, I finally made my first approach a few months ago. I made about 7 in total (over a few weeks) and just as I was beginning to hit my stride, Corona virus hits and we go into lockdown. So to keep my...
  9. BigPapa

    Tinder Game

    recently I discovered that I enjoy after a hard day at work to see girl profiles on tinder , you know swapping right and left , helps me relax a little bit my question is this one though , I do not have problems with matching with at least cute girls , but the problem is that once I send a...
  10. authenticSelf

    FR No Margin Of Error In Initial Texts

    I am experiencing absolutely no margin of error in my chats on online dating apps. Example 1: Bumble Girl: Hey how's it going? Me: Hey _, I'm doing quite well....what are your plans for Hannukah? Saw that she was Jewish in her profile Girl: Working and celebrating it with my dog Girl: My...
  11. Alpha14SC

    Chase Amante, Can You See My Facebook Dating Email So You Don't Think I am Full of Shit

    :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( i send 2 pictures with lots of matches. You can note to Colt if you like. Just don't post those photos here. I think i didn't censored their whole photos. :X