What should i do next? I ruined it?


Feb 22, 2021
Summary: I met a girl while playing basketball. I talked to her Thursday, The conversation lasted about 2 hours. I took her instagram and recommended calling me when I went to play again.

On Friday, she sent me a guest message to play again. We talked for about 3 hours

In interactions I:
1. I addressed it indirectly. I started a casual conversation
2. I always kept eye to eye contact
3. I let her talk more
4. I addressed multiple topics
5. I made her qualify by asking questions about her skills and quality, as well as getting her to talk about herself
6. I made friendly physical contact: hug, touch the arm, touch the shoulder, knee etc.
7. I took her instagram and recommended her calling me to play again

I noticed several indicators of interest: Restarting the conversation when silence came; Match eye to eye contact; Make friendly physical contact; Look for me to talk after the match is over;

Saturday I didn't send a message, because I knew she was going out with her mother. Sunday I sent a good morning in the morning, and in the afternoon I suggested visiting her house to talk (she lives nearby) I believe that the suggestion to stop by her house communicated a) needy or b) sexual intention (due to the fact that I met her a few days ago)
She made up an excuse to refuse, but called again to play basketball. However, that day I tried to talk to her, but she did not make room for interaction, avoiding me a little. Given this scenario, what should I do? Play hard, Ignoring her a little, as a show of disinterest?

Please, help me, i am new to the field of seduction !

Tony D

Tribal Elder
Tribal Elder
Jul 26, 2018
Sounds like you did everything right except offering to come by her house. You could try now just being more direct. Tell her you think she's cool, awesome, cute, etc, and you'd like to hang out and get a drink. Or... you can try to get her on the court again and work your magic there. Don't stress about it you still have a shot. Don't get needy.


Space Monkey
space monkey
Nov 24, 2019
She’s definitely into you and you’ve done a lot of talking but offering to go to her place would have blown her head up at this stage.

offer to meet on neutral territory, but very near your place, then relax her with a chat and move to go for a coffee or something, but you forgot your wallet and need to collect it from your place, and so you gotta go back there.

once you got her in your place if she’s happy and smiling just say “it’s been really nice to meet you again” and move in gently for the kiss. Is she pushes back, no big deal, back off and talk to another hour like it didn’t happen, then move in again.
Report back on how it goes

good luck!

Beck Bass

Space Monkey
space monkey
Mar 9, 2020
I suggested visiting her house to talk (she lives nearby) I believe that the suggestion to stop by her house communicated a) needy
I have a friend that always wants to meet girls right away after meeting/getting their contact, and while this can be a good attitude (move fast), you can easily come off needy and scare girls off. Maybe back up a little buddy, get a feel for what the girl is open to first, then go for it.