1. Mack

    Mav3rick Earns His Wings

    mav·er·ick /ˈmav(ə)rik/ noun 1. an unorthodox or independent-minded person. Allow me to re-introduce myself. I'm Maverick, and while I chose this name based on the dictionary definition, I'm on a mission to become Top Gun. Think of this journal as me taking you along for the ride as I go...
  2. phuasjn2

    PH's Daygame: I meet girls.

    Day 4 of day game, june 2022 Just one of those days where I didnt feel like sarging but I went out anyway because I already had it planned into the schedule. My mood was down, so I started pre-gaming by asking for directions (about 4 times). It was a really busy part of the city (Singapore...
  3. Rakehell

    Heavy is the head

    Starting my journal now after what’s about to be a year of being a member on this forum. It’s currently late January. I’m not old enough for the nightlife in my area, so i’ll just eer on writing about significant day game things, my mind space and how i’m feeling during periods, the thing’s i’m...
  4. LemurKing

    No Way Back

    Transforming myself from a timid, confident, and miserable AFC to a man I can actually stand to look at in the mirror is going to be a difficult and painful journey, but going back to the person I used to be is not an option, and so, there truly is No Way Back Why Desperation Made Me Quit Game...
  5. Darius

    Becoming great

    Hello everyone, I'm starting this journal to detail my progress and journey in improving and maintaining my social skills, particularly with respect to day game. I'm Darius, and my objective is to 'become Great' -- history buffs will know about Darius the Great, lol. That is, become a dominant...
  6. Beck Bass

    A Hunter's Journey

    Hiya boyos, I'm here to tell you my story, part of it, at least. I'm some nerdy kid from Braziland and growing up I would devour any books I could get my hands on, as I found them much more interesting than the other kids (joke, I was actually scared of people and felt awkward most of the...